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There are many sites to make money online by publishing articles and taking advantage of them for a fee, so if you have the talent for writing in general and can write professionally and distinctively, we will provide you here with many wonderful sites that will make it easier for you to get to work and take the money that suits you, all you have to do is follow This topic is with us.

best sites to make money online
 best sites to make money online

Posting an article on Google through the best sites to make money online

 Posting an article on Google is not a difficult thing, especially if you own a WordPress or Blogger website, as publishing the article is very simple, and we talked here in another article about how to publish an exclusive article that is compatible with all the SEO rules and is completely free of errors. Ease of writing articles with some great secrets that will help you a lot.

If you are not a site owner and you work freely in large sites for a fee, here we provide you with many large and wonderful sites that offer you the possibility of publishing for a fee or with a profit-sharing system with a large percentage for the writer and a small percentage for the management of the site, this percentage reaches 85% for the writer.

If you have not mastered writing yet, I advise you to wait and not hurry until you master it completely and understand all the rules for SEO and write without any errors, whether grammatical or spelling, and you can also write professionally and publish an article on Google with everything that matches the rules to appear easily in the first search engines.

But if you master writing and know all the rules for it, now it is the turn to find very distinctive article writing sites that offer you an excellent and wonderful financial return.

best sites to make money online

Here we will talk with you about the best sites for writing English and Arabic articles at a very great price that may reach 50 cents per word for distinguished and highly skilled writers who can provide exclusive and professional content that benefits the reader, just follow us to get to know the most important of these sites and how to communicate with their owners in all ease.

Among the most important English sites: list verse, top ten, iwriter, and text broker. There are also many sites called freelance sites, through which you can communicate with service seekers and site owners who want to buy articles and this is in exchange for a portion of the money they pay Buyer, and among the most famous and best of these sites are App Work and FreeLancer.

As for the Arabic sites where you can publish articles in Arabic, there are many, including the Kalamco site, the Thaqafni site, the Pixels SEO site, and for freelance sites and services, they are independent and khamsat.

Here, we have talked about the best sites to make money online in both Arabic and English. You can access through them to work easily, publish your content and benefit from it for a fee.