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Make money writing articles | how to write an article with the right way

Make money writing articles is considered one of the important sources of income for many bloggers and website owners in order to provide content that people see and add ads to this content in order for the profit to click on these ads so the owner of the site gets money through Google AdSense, which is considered the mediator between the content provider and the owner of the advertisement.

given the importance of this Topic We will talk here in detail about how to write topics that are 100% exclusive and compatible with all SEO rules and completely free of any grammatical or spelling error.
Make money writing articles
Make money writing articles

How to write articles according to the rules of SEO

We will talk here in detail about how to write completely exclusive articles that are compatible with all the SEO rules in order to be able to publish search results in Google and thus appear to people and get visitors, which leads to increased profits.

In order to achieve all the SEO rules, you must focus on some important things that we will talk about here, but before that you have to focus first on ensuring that the article is free of spelling and grammatical errors because this is a fundamental and very important factor in the success of the article and its appearance in search engines in the best way.

Here are the steps for Make money writing articles with all SEO rules:

Choose a title

It is necessary to choose an attractive title for the visitors in order to encourage them to enter, and the title of the article is considered one of the most important steps.

 so it must be chosen with precision, provided that it is completely proportional to the content of the topic and at the same time make it not long and not short, preferably of seven words and not more About that, and be sure to be a bit vague in order to encourage the visitor to click on it.

Choose the keyword and repeat it in the article

The keyword is very important and it is the main thing that depends on the topic and which the visitor is targeting, as it is the phrase that the visitor searches in the Google search engine and therefore it must be chosen carefully.

 and there are different bases and aspects for choosing the keyword in writing articles including the monthly search rate on it as well as the click rate On ads, by searching with this target keyword, so you have to define your goal and on the basis of which you choose the keyword.

The number of times this word is repeated should be 1.5% of the total number of the article's words, meaning that if you write an article of 150 words, you must mention the keyword once, and if the article is 300, the keyword is mentioned twice and so on.

The keyword must be mentioned in the article title, at the beginning of the introduction and in one or more side titles, but not in all headings, as it is preferable to mention it at the end and under one of the side headings.

 and of course this depends on the number of words of the article in general as mentioned, But the most important thing is to mention it in the title, introduction and subtitle.

Writing article content

In order to write an article in a specific field, you have to get acquainted with this field from near by searching it on Google and reading more than one article about it in order to fully understand this topic, and there is what is called exclusive writing and reformulation.

Paraphrasing means writing the same information and paragraphs on a specific topic, but in a different form. It is not a preferred method, but a lot depends on it in writing articles on sites.

As for exclusive writing, it means writing a unique article in a format and distribution that is not present on any site or any other place, by searching for the topic in more than one site and getting acquainted with it and then writing an article from your creativity, awareness, authoring and coordination.

of course you do not invent new information but a method Displaying and formatting this information is not found anywhere else, and it is considered the best choice in writing articles professionally in order to get high profits.

Ensure that the topic is free from spelling errors

Of course, you may miss some spelling errors that do not appear in Word, you must first correct the errors that appear in the Word program and in order to modify the other errors that the program does not show, you have to upload the file to Google Drive and then copy and write it in a new Docs file and you will see all errors and fix them.

There are also some extensions to modify spelling errors through the browser Google Chrome or Firefox. You can use these additions as well.

writing articles with coordination

The article must be professionally coordinated in order to fit the SEO rules by dividing it into paragraphs, not one block, and it is preferable to color the side titles and make them with a bold to expose the line, as well as distinguish the keyword in all parts of the article with a specific color and Bold also worked on it.

At the end of the article, mention a simple conclusion in which you mention what you talked about in brief.

After that, you can put the topic directly on the site in the event that you are writing on Word, and if you are writing directly on Blogger or Wordpress, you adhere to some things such as creating h2 headlines in WordPress and a headline in Blogger.

Add photos

It is necessary to add a prominent image to the article at the beginning of the topic and put other images in case it is necessary, and when placing the images, the keyword must be mentioned in the image explanation and in the alternative text.

Choose a permanent link

You have to put the keyword in the permanent link to the article, in Blogger you can only use the English language, so if you are targeting a keyword in Arabic, you have to translate it into English and put it, but in Wordpress, you must put the keyword as it is, whether in Arabic or English.

Write a topic description

The topic description or meta description is the part that appears under the title of the article in Google search, and it is a very important and essential part to encourage the visitor to enter the site, and the keyword must be placed in it and some words that indicate the content of the article must be mentioned and this is very important part in writing articles professionally.

Use the Yoast SEO tool on your WordPress site

Yoast SEO tool is considered one of the great SEO tools that show all the errors in the article for you to fix it, which are 15 conditions or items for SEO and each condition has 3 highlights, including green, which is the color that indicates that it is good and the orange color is acceptable and the red color that Faulty or incompatible.

Below, under the article, you will see these conditions and color next to each clause or condition, and these conditions include that the title is medium and contains the keyword, that the keyword be at the beginning of the introduction and a side title, and that internal and external links are placed in the article, which are very important steps and other conditions. .

Post the topic and share it on social media

After completing all the previous steps, you can now publish the topic, and then share it on all social media sites so that it is quickly archived and in order to get visits, and from the communication sites that you have to post the link to the article on, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube and other sites.

Here, we have talked in detail about writing articles in the right way in order to comply with all SEO rules.