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Making money from Youtube and how to make exclusive content

YouTube downloads and the various videos contained in this wonderful site, is what we will talk about here in this article in detail, in order for you to know how to use it, whether in learning or making money from youtube or other types of benefit that YouTube provides to users.

The YouTube company is one of the most successful companies in the world and the most advanced services, and this site is one of the most searched sites out there, and many people are looking for how to benefit from it in ways to profit and earn additional money through creating a new channel and profit from it through ads that Google add on the content, by creating a YouTube email and logging into YouTube in simple steps, then creating content and profit from it through YouTube uploading.

Making money from Youtube
Making money from Youtube

Making money from youtube

YouTube has become very interested in making original content Not reproduced and not harmful to people.

In order to start making money from YouTube, you must first know the best way to bring completely exclusive and your own content of your own making, not copied from anyone else, and it does not contain any external things or tangible violations, because all of these things are completely rejected on this site And after thinking about the content, the method in which you will present it, you can immediately start creating a new channel for free without need to pay any money.

In the beginning, you will start making a YouTube email, then after that you immediately start logging into YouTube with the email and password you entered at the beginning, then create a new channel.

The following is a simple summary of the steps that after implementation you will become the owner of a YouTube channel, just follow it in order:

  • Create a Gmail account, which Google provides completely free of charge, and you can enjoy many of the great Google services through this free e-mail, such as Google Drive services, Google Duo services, Docs and other important services.
  • After creating the account, log in to YouTube, create a new channel, and specify the name you want, and with this, you will have your own channel.
  • Now start creating and uploading the content to the channel.
  • YouTube now sets some conditions for profit in the channel and in order to become a content creator, and these conditions are as follows:

  1. The content is completely exclusive and yours, and there is no copying or transmission from anywhere else.
  2. Get thousand subscribers on the channel.
  3. Get 4000 watch hours during the 12 month period before the application deadline.

After implementing these conditions by submitting YouTube uploads and obtaining from them interaction, views and subscriptions, you will submit a request for Making money from Youtube to be reviewed by the administration, and if the content is good and does not contain any problems, the company will accept the channel and immediately start downloading ads on it.

These are simple steps that you need to take in order to become the owner of a channel that makes a profit, it may appear simple to some, and appear difficult for others.

We talked about how to start creating a new channel and the conditions for Making money from Youtube, and it remains to talk about some important things that any content creator is looking for, including how to make thumbnails for videos on the channel and other things.

Making money from Youtube and how to make exclusive content and terms

The YouTube downloads that you see on YouTube daily are united by duplicate or recycled content, as not all videos are exclusive, and you can download any duplicate video, but all of these channels that provide such content cannot be made profitable because they are considered completely contrary to YouTube policies. If you want to create a YouTube email to profit from it, do not rely on any content that is not your own, and it is strictly required that it be original content.

After logging in to YouTube, upload your exclusive content to the channel through the video upload mark at the top, and here we will talk about very important tips that you should follow in order to create exclusive content approved by the YouTube administration.

Stick to the following tips:

  • your content that you export should be from your own creation from the first minute to the last minute of the video, and do not depend on any other source for the videos from anywhere.
  • The video does not contain copyrighted music, and there is a very large library of music files provided by YouTube to users that you can use for free without any problems.
  • The video does not contain any images or visual content that has copyright.

These are important terms and tips that you must follow in order to create original content on your channel.

Now we're going to talk about something very important that many content creators are looking for, which is how to create professional video thumbnails for your viewers.

Making money from Youtube and how to make professional video thumbnails to engage viewers

The YouTube uploads that you will place on your channel will need some interests in order to get the interests, interaction, views and positive comments, and among the most important of these terms and interests is creating a thumbnail image for the videos that attracts viewers.

Here are simple and easy steps to go about making professional YouTube thumbnails, follow them:

  • In the beginning, you must rely on exclusive photos that are not copied from anywhere in order not to get violations. Free websites with pictures that can be used, such as Yandex, enter it and write the name of the image you are looking for in the search box.
  • Use PicsArt application, choose the image that you downloaded and then enter the modifications that attract viewers, such as writing on it in color and using the editing tools.
  • After performing these steps and completing the image, you can now simply place it as a YouTube video thumbnail.

It is recommended that you look at the thumbnails of your competitors in your field on YouTube and see the ideas and images they have relied on in order to get successful new ideas.

We talked here on this topic about Making money from Youtube, how to log into YouTube, create a new channel, and profit from it through the exclusive YouTube uploads that you will add to the channel.