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legit sites have become widespread, and this has led to job opportunities for those with the skill of writing articles, and there is no doubt that there are many talents in the world that did not take their opportunity and did not benefit from their talent, and among the most important of these talents is the talent of writing articles so if you love writing, authoring and creativity Know that this is your place and this topic is a comprehensive guide for you to know how to take advantage of this talent to win very large sums of money as some sites pay huge sums to the owners of this talent and we will mention these sites here. 

legit sites to earn money online
legit sites to earn money online

Write an article and win with legit sites 

There are many legit sites, whether, in Arabic or foreign, we will talk about the most important of these sites here, but before talking about them, I want to show you some important notes and things that make you can achieve very large profits after committing to them.

You must learn well how to write a professional article that is compatible with the rules of SEO and without any error to be able to achieve large sums and to be able to work on large sites in this field, as quality is the most important thing and is the basis and the thing that sites are looking for, and we talked in an article Here on your way with us website entitled How to write exclusive articles compatible with the rules of SEO, read it and learn well how to write a professional and distinctive article.

After that, you can work with confidence with the largest sites, and that if you reach the stage of skill and experience in this wonderful and wide field, and if you reach that, come with us to know the best sites that exist that give the writer a very wonderful return.

Arab legit sites to profit from writing articles

Educate me site
It is considered one of the best sites for writing articles and profit from them, as this site occupies a large position in the Google search engine, and it works with a profit-sharing system of 85% for the writer and 15% only for managing the site and of course, it is a very impressive percentage, and the profit comes to you according to the visits that are to your article And the number of clicks on the existing ads.

Kalamco site
It is a very special site that you can write in, but you must be a professional writer and know how to write the rules of SEO, and you can write in many fields, including health, sports, nutrition, technical, computer, games, and many others.

It is a very amazing site that is not only limited to providing article writing jobs in various fields, but you can profit from some other things such as proofreading and translation in many fields and others.

Arab freelance sites

You can provide your services through Arab freelance sites such as khmsat site, independent, sponsor, and others, where you can put a service that includes writing an article or more for $ 5 for requests to come to this service and implement it for $ 4 for you and $ 1 for site management.

 Sites for writing English articles

There are also many English blogging sites, which include the following:

Textbroker site
It is a very special site that needs writers of articles with great experience in this field and offers very high prices for writing, ranging between 50 cents and a dollar per word, but it requires skill, experience, and high quality.

Iwriter website
It is considered one of the best legit sites that offer you the ability to publish articles without any restrictions, and its prices are also excellent.

legit sites to earn money online

You can rely on freelance sites where you can write English articles, as well as some clients request Arabic articles sometimes, and these sites include Freelancer, App Work, and others.

Here, we have talked about the best and most important legit sites that you can rely on to win very large amounts of money through this wonderful talent.