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YouTube profit and all the details related to ways to make a profit in this field

YouTube profit is a source of income for many content creators, especially those who own a targeted channel that provides videos that are requested by the public, urging that these ads are paid for a certain percentage of the money that advertisers pay to YouTube, here in this article I explain to you My experience in profit from YouTube and how to place ads on the channel to benefit from them financially, and I will also talk about all the methods of profit through this large site.

YouTube profit

YouTube profit

The YouTube company is keen on good content that suits the audience and viewers, so if you own a channel and want to activate ads on YouTube, you must be concerned with the quality of the content and be suitable for advertisers, and it is necessary to fulfill the conditions for profit from YouTube, which are represented in a thousand subscribers and also achieve 4000 Watch watch in the last 12 months, and we talked in a comprehensive article about these conditions and how to achieve them with a simple and very effective strategy.

In the beginning, do not ask how much profit from YouTube, but rather, you should ask how to create good content to attract viewers and thus achieve long-term profits, whether daily or monthly YouTube profits.

Owning a YouTube channel is a great treasure that you can use to make money and achieve a very appropriate financial return, but with certain conditions, the first of which is quality, as well as commitments to all the policies that Google proposes to content creators.

Before joining the YouTube Partner Program, the channel is reviewed well to ensure its suitability to place ads on it, and as the channel meets all conditions, YouTube ads are placed to profit and make money through these ads.

For ads to be activated on the channel, you must be at least 18 years old, or if you are under this age, you can rely on a guardian over the age of 18 to receive AdSense payments on your behalf.

The content must be suitable for advertisers, and here I advise you to provide high-quality videos and keywords with a request, for advertisers to compete for your content, thus you can activate the profit from YouTube and achieve large sums of money.

YouTube profit and all ways to profit from YouTube

YouTube profits do not depend on ads only, but there are some other sources that you can rely on and make a profit through them, which are as follows:

  • Affiliate channels, which is a feature that enables you to profit from YouTube through a monthly amount that subscribers pay to enjoy the features and services it provides, and here your channel must have more than 30,000 subscribers.
  • If you are asking how to get money from YouTube through goods, your channel must have more than 10 thousand subscribers to enjoy this feature.
  • Super Chat messages, which viewers pay to see their messages in conversations, a feature that you can take advantage of if you are in a country where this feature is available.
  • YouTube Premium, which is a fee that some YouTube viewers pay to be able to watch without ads.
After achieving the conditions for activating the YouTube channel and fulfilling the conditions we mentioned, here you can take advantage of these services and features, and thus you will see an increase in the YouTube earnings account that you can achieve.

These are the ways to monetize YouTube through Google Adsense, whether YouTube profit ads or other methods and features that we have explained.