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YouTube earnings statistics and profit for 1k views

YouTube earnings statistics is something that many who want to create a YouTube channel are looking for, to plan the channel in the long term and know the number of views needed to achieve a certain amount of money, if you are interested in this matter or wonder about the profits of YouTube celebrities, here through this topic is clearer You have the best ways to know all the details related to profit from ads on YouTube.

YouTube earnings

YouTube earnings account

Of course, dear reader, you know that the owners of YouTube channels get financial compensation through the ads that YouTube puts on their videos, and some may think that YouTube profits are fixed for a certain number of views, but this is not true.

Knowing YouTube's earnings accurately is unrealistic, as the amount of profit depends on many factors, including the content of the channel, the location of the viewers, the duration of watching the videos, keywords, and other factors that may make a thousand views on a particular channel at about 20 USD and in another channel it does not exceed A thousand views 1 USD.

The YouTube earnings program allows content creators to know their profits in particular without being able to see the profits of others, but here we provide you with a YouTube earnings account site that gives you the profits of the channels in an approximate and not accurate way.

If you are wondering about knowing the profits of channels on YouTube, an easy and guaranteed way, here through the next paragraphs you will get to know me on a site that allows you to know the profits of YouTube that will give you an approximate amount of how much you earn from YouTube and how much the most prominent celebrities who own large channels earn.

YouTube earnings calculation method

To be able to calculate YouTube earnings 2020, we will rely on a very wonderful site, which not only gives us the monthly income or the material return but also gives us many statistics related to the channel, including the number of views, subscriptions, and many other important statistics as you will see.

The site we use is the Social Blade site, which is a very distinctive and wonderful site, and the following are the steps that enable you to know the profits of YouTube in any channel:

  • First, log in to the site.
  • After that, you will find a box on the home page in which you must put the link of the YouTube channel whose profits you want to know monthly and yearly.
  • After entering the link and clicking on the search button, you will receive full details about this channel, which include the monthly profit rate that ranges from the minimum to the maximum, and you also find the annual profit rate of the channel.
  • You can find your average income or profit by adding the minimum amount by the maximum and then dividing by 2.
  • On the page you will find many statistics and other information about the channel, such as the country, the number of views obtained by the channel, as well as the content. You will also find a graph showing the channel’s performance in the previous period.
If you want to make a profit from YouTube and rely on it as a constant additional source of income, then here on the site we provide you with many articles and training courses that take you from the beginning of the road from the cost of creating a YouTube channel and achieving the conditions for profit from YouTube and how to achieve these conditions, and until the end of the road for the method of receiving profits.