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YouTube Earnings Find out the average earnings per thousand views on videos

YouTube earnings are a source of money for many people and content makers in most countries of the world, as it is possible to rely on this site to reap great earnings, especially if attention is paid to some of the factors that we will explain through this article.

Many people wonder how to calculate YouTube earnings, especially for famous YouTubers who own channels that get millions of views, and this question may come because of curiosity to know the amount of profits, and others want to profit from YouTube and wonder about profits in this field.

So whether you want to know this answer because of curiosity or you want to inquire in order to start profit from the Internet through making money from YouTube, we here through this article explain to you in detail how to calculate YouTube earnings with ease.

YouTube Earnings

YouTube earnings account

In the beginning, and before we go into details, you must know a very important information, which is that the profit from YouTube lies in the ads on the videos, whether by watching these ads or clicking on them, and the profit does not depend on the views of the video itself.

So, in order to make a profit from YouTube, you must activate the channel by fulfilling the conditions that we explained in another article in detail, and then subscribe to the AdSense program to place ads on videos and profit from them.

No person, no matter how, can tell you about YouTube's profits on every specific number of views, and this is important information, as there are many factors that determine the amount of profit on views of a particular video, as for what you hear in terms of numbers and a certain value per thousand or a million views are numbers other than Absolutely correct.

Now you may be wondering what has it helped me? I would like to clarify to you that YouTube earnings can be calculated roughly or the average profit on the video, as the average profit from a thousand views ranges between 30 cents and 30 dollars, and this value may be less or more based on some of the factors that we will explain.

Of course, you want to know these factors in order to make more profit through your videos on YouTube , and here we will achieve that for you by mentioning these factors.

In fact, there is no YouTube earnings account site or YouTube earnings account program that allows you to know YouTube earnings accurately, as the results are estimates.

Factors that YouTube earnings depend on 

There are some factors on which the YouTube earnings account depends, and the following are these factors:

  1. The place of viewing or the country from which the video is viewed, and this factor is one of the most important factors in calculating profits in YouTube, as views from America, for example, are significantly higher in price than many other countries such as Egypt, and this depends on some reasons, including better dealing with Technology for the American citizen.
  2. The field of the video or the targeted keywords, as the domain represents a big difference to YouTube's profits, so you have to choose a profitable field and target keywords that are expensive in terms of visibility and clicking.
  3. The quality of the videos you provide, as it is of great importance in determining YouTube's earnings.
  4. The average duration of watching videos is a very important and fundamental factor in calculating the amount of profit from the video, as watching the entire video increases the chances of ads appearing and clicking on it.
  5. YouTube's algorithms , ad impressions, and other secrets and factors that YouTube controls.

Here, we have talked in detail about how to calculate YouTube earnings, so you can know roughly, but not accurately, the profits of YouTube celebrities and YouTube profits.

If you encounter any problem with YouTube or anything else regarding  profit  from the Internet, do not hesitate to ask, and I will be happy to answer all questions and help you reach your goal. 

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