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Building a successful youtube channel and promote it to reach millions of followers and win thousands of dollars

Building a successful youtube channel is not something that you can achieve through one step, as there are many steps that you need to take in order to be able to reach a large audience and then achieve a lot of views and profits over time, and if you start working in this field without bothering to implement These steps you may waste much time without little benefit, but if you are aware of them, of course you will be able to achieve great success, and here through this topic I put you at the beginning of the road and provide you with a comprehensive guide that enables you to create a YouTube channel and promote it in many ways.

Building a successful youtube channel

Building a successful youtube channel

Through this article, I explain to you many details and ideas on how to promote your videos and YouTube channel and thus get millions of followers and views, so follow along with me well and make sure to complete the topic to the end.

In the beginning, you have to be sure of some things, which is the ability to be a successful YouTuber and content maker, as the content is the king and the most important thing in this field, so if you have the way to create this content, of course the rest of the steps will be easy.

Make sure that you pay attention to the content and quality, as quality is a very basic and important factor for continuing and getting views.

Always ask yourself what will make the viewer choose this particular video and leave the rest of the videos on YouTube, and what will he pay to subscribe to my channel in order to continue watching new videos?

If you can identify this answer, of course you will be able to create very good content that attracts the audience, and thus you will get YouTube profits through this audience.

Making money from YouTube is among the most important ways to profit from the Internet at this time, and there are a large number of content makers who are able to win very high profits every month, so you have a great opportunity to make money from YouTube if you read this topic with me and get acquainted with the promotion strategy For the channel and its enlargement to get millions of subscribers and viewers. 

Building a successful youtube channel and how to promote it

In order to promote your YouTube channel, there are many good factors that come with excellent effectiveness and result, and here, through the next paragraphs, you will learn with me in detail about these methods.

The first method .. Create the channel for search engines 

Among the best ways to get views is the YouTube search engine as well as the Google search engine, where the viewer searches for anything through Google or YouTube searches, and if you can configure your video well, it will appear in the first results and thus you can get interaction and views.

There are some factors that help you improve the quality of the video and configure it well for search engines, such as the quality of the video and the image, the description of the video, the title, as well as its duration, duration of scenes, and number of likes it received.

You may be wondering how do I achieve these things and how do I get my channels well prepared for search engines, so through the following tips and methods you will be able to do so:

  • Continuously uploading high-quality videos to the channel.
  • Choosing an attractive title that contains a keyword that is requested by the viewers, and there are many sites that help you to find suitable keywords, the most important of which is the Google Keyword Planner tool.
  • Write a distinctive description for the video explaining to the viewer what it contains, and make sure to include one or more keywords in this description.
  • Create social media pages for the channel and place it for your viewers.
  • Interest in creating playlists that clarify the nature of the content that you provide on YouTube.
  • Creating a blog or website of your own that offers the same content that you provide on YouTube, as creating a successful YouTube channel and profit from it depends on diversifying the sources of views, and through this blog you can get views by uploading your video in the last posts on the site.
  • Using attractive thumbnails for the viewer to click on the video, and it is one of the main and important factors that encourage the viewer to click on the link.
  • Encouraging viewers to constantly click the like button and subscribe to the channel.

These are the most important ways to help you configure search engines for your YouTube channel and your videos to appear on the first page, thus achieving a very large number of views over time.

My experience in making money from YouTube is the interest in the previous factors, as I found a very big difference after taking care of it and was able to get a large number of views and subscribers after I was at the beginning achieving very simple and insufficient views to achieve the conditions of profit and activate the channel.

The second method: posting on social media

You have to create the official social networking pages for the channel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and then continue publishing continuously on these sites in order to be able to reach the largest number of the audience.

This method is one of the most important and effective ways to get views, and here I will show you a very cool secret that will transfer viewers from these sites to your YouTube channel smartly.

Write a simple description of the video or a title in the post on Facebook or any other site, and upload a small part of the video, and encourage viewers to click on the YouTube link to go to this video on your channel and thus watch it in full, and of course the viewer will feel curious and want to continue watching and thus It will go to your channel immediately.

The third method ... the circle of personal acquaintances

Personal knowledge is a very distinctive way in the beginning in order to be able to reach an audience, as this audience will help you to spread in a faster time, so be sure to take advantage of this matter.

Some people don't do this due to shame to talk about their channel and so miss out great opportunity to promote.

Fourth method .. ads 

You can advertise your videos and channel through many platforms, including Facebook and Instagram ads, among others, and the best way to advertise is YouTube itself through Google Adward.

So if you have an amount of money and you create a YouTube channel, you can use this amount in ads and reach a greater number of viewers, thus achieving a lot of success in a short time, and be sure to target well.

Fifth method .. Live broadcast

It is one of the great ways that you can get very valuable views, as the live broadcast enables you to record your phone screen and reach your audience by notifying them of this feature, so you should use this matter in promoting.

The sixth method ... Promote videos through blogs and websites

You can communicate with the owners of websites in the same field of your channel in order to include your videos in the posts and thus get views through these posts, and it is a very good and very appropriate way.

The seventh method ... exploiting the trend

This method is one of the most effective ways to help you promote your YouTube channel, as you can create videos related to the trend or current events in the environment in which you live or the country you are targeting.

This method is very smart and successful if you can apply it correctly, as the trend is topics that have a very large amount of research and therefore you will have a great opportunity to get a large amount of these views.

Here we have talked in detail about Building a successful youtube channel and promote it using many methods, so implement these ideas well and I promise you to achieve an effective and fast result.

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