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Making money from YouTube without ads through affiliate

How do you earn very large amounts of money from YouTube, up to 1500 dollars a month? Did you read this question well?

I think you want to achieve this and aspire to it, and we are here to help you with that through a tight plan and a simple strategy that enables you making money from YouTube through the best affiliate sites, so follow with me the details and apply the steps in order to be able to achieve large amounts per day up to 50 dollars and may be able to achieve Double that amount if you can innovate while giving your business some time and effort.

Making money from YouTube
Making money from YouTube

How to earn from YouTube 60 dollars a day

Today's idea makes you able to profit from YouTube 2020 and achieve appropriate amounts daily by relying on affiliate or affiliate marketing, and there is no doubt that the profit from affiliate is very wonderful, as a large number of people depend on it to make money from the Internet.

Therefore, the strategy here combines the use of YouTube as well as affiliate marketing and linking them to each other, and there is no doubt that the YouTube platform depends on millions of people to obtain information on the products they want to buy, as well as all life information.

If this large number of people must be exploited to make money from YouTube with marketing products, so your role here is to provide services and opinions for products and things that your target audience is looking for in order to attract them and provide the content they are looking for.

You may find it difficult to date, but do not worry, you will know here how to make money from YouTube in detail and everything will gradually become clear in front of you, so follow me and give me your mind and your eyesight.

How to earn from YouTube through affiliate marketing

You must understand that the idea here is to get the audience and visits through YouTube and get the profit through the various affiliate sites, so the idea is not to profit from YouTube Adsense by relying on ads, but through ways to make money from an affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is a large marketing program followed by a large number of online stores, where you provide a commission or material return from the price of the commodity you are marketing for, so if you bring customers to buy a specific product, you take a percentage of the price of that product.

The profit percentage for each company or online store varies, and this percentage is agreed upon between the store and between the marketers, and each marketer has his own link so that if anyone buys a product through him by using this link, he gets this percentage of the profit.

If we are not talking here about making money t from YouTube through Adsense or ads, but rather you will be able to profit without activating ads in the channel in the first place.

And since YouTube has a very large marketing power, so you can rely on this great marketing power in affiliate marketing and make money through it, and this is a simple answer to the question of how to make money from YouTube without ads.

I think that the path has become simpler now, but you do not know the steps or plan that you need to implement in order to start work and profit, do not worry, we will provide you with complete details and simple steps, so follow us.

How to profit from the affiliate with relying on YouTube in marketing

We have talked in many articles about making money from YouTube for beginners through Google AdSense, placing advertisements for advertisers and profit from them by creating content, and there are also ideas about making money from the Internet without appearing.

Through our site, you will get acquainted with many ideas related to the question of how to earn from YouTube, and there are ideas for profit from YouTube without appearing that you will recognize.

Here in this article we are talking about something completely different and a simpler way, where you will be able to earn from YouTube without ads simply through affiliate, and here are the detailed steps and strategy that you can follow:

Define the target audience and create a new channel

In the beginning, it is necessary to define your target audience, as it is not correct to rely on many fields, such as integrating phone products with home appliances with others, because you will not be able to gather the audience interested in you.

Therefore, you should select a specific category of products that you want to market, and do not worry, whatever your choice, you will find many affiliate marketing offers for them as almost all products have commission marketing offers.

If you feel confused about choosing a specific field and products, there are some tips that may help you, the first of which is to define your target audience based on your passion, capabilities, field of interest and your business, for example if you work in the field of electronics, rely on it.

It is important to remind you that this field, especially mobile phones, is receiving very great interest during this period and has a wide audience.

After you have identified the target audience, you should now determine the monthly search volume on it by following Facebook groups and YouTube channels, and there are also some SEO tools that provide you with complete information about monthly word searches, such as Google Keyword Planner and others.

After that, create a YouTube channel, and care must be taken to choose a good name that suits the product and the target audience.

If you do not know how to create a channel on YouTube, do not worry, we have provided you with a comprehensive topic that shows you the detailed steps to create a professional channel, review it and implement the steps.

Here is the time to find out how to make money on YouTube using this strategy.

If you are not familiar with the details of how to make videos and create professional content, do not worry, we are here on your favorite site providing you with many ideas and easy steps on how to achieve this, so check the YouTube Profit section on the site.

Subscribe to affiliate programs

After creating the channel and videos, winning the trust of your audience, creating many videos and building an audience and a large number of subscribers.

Here, we are at the first step to answer your question, how do you make money from YouTube and make large amounts every day.

You should start searching for companies and online stores that provide affiliate offers that are appropriate for your channel's field and the products you offer and compare them.

You can profit from affiliate marketing through almost all products, and if you are wondering about how to profit from commission marketing and about the most prominent online stores and sites that provide affiliate offers, do not worry, we will provide that for you as well.

One of the most famous online stores in which you limit hundreds of thousands of products that you can market to, profit from Souq Affiliate, as well as profit from Amazon, Jumia Affiliate, and many others.

You can also use some ideas to find the best affiliate offers where you can ask your target audience and search Google for the best affiliate offers for a specific product, and you can also rely on competitors and search for online stores that they rely on to profit from affiliate marketing.

Until now, we have not finished mentioning the strategy to win 60 $ a day by relying on YouTube and Affiliate, as we provide you with valuable tips and important things that help you multiply your profits, so continue reading the topic and recording these tips.

If you feel bored, do not close the article and give up, everything at the beginning needs some patience and effort, so get up from your place and make something you like, for example a cup of coffee and then come back reading again, your life may change completely after reading this topic.

The most important tips to win 560 dollars a day from YouTube through affiliate

There are some useful tips that will help you in achieving a lot of profits in the long run. You may think that it reduces your profits, but on the contrary, as the public trust is the way and the main factor in achieving profit.

The first advice is to pay attention to the public's desire

So you have to pay attention to what your audience is asking for, and be sure to be honest in clarifying the defects before the advantages, as this thing will push a large number of the public to join you and trust you and thus buy products through you.

Communicate with the audience and solve all the problems they face in the process of buying from online stores, and it is not necessary to put your affiliate link in all the videos, but you can explain specific products in a neutral way to attract the audience and gain confidence and create new audiences and relationships that will help you then  making money from YouTube through affiliate sites.

You can compare a large number of types of a particular product by mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of each type, and then choose one of these products for the public and nominate it to them with the affiliate link for this product, and thus the audience tends to complete the purchase.

Third advice ... where to place the link to profit from an affiliate

We talked about important steps in answering the question of how to make money from YouTube, and here we walk on the same path and complete the strategy by clarifying the best places to place the affiliate link, which are as follows:

  • Description of the video, and it is the most prominent place to place links, and it must be noted that the link is for affiliate, and YouTube in general is somewhat sensitive to external links, so it must be used with caution so that the video is not subject to deletion.
    Read the YouTube spam policies and know the rules in order to face any problems with YouTube, especially if you rely on Google Adsense to make money from YouTube through ads.
  • You can put your affiliate link in the cards, but unfortunately YouTube does not allow placing links in the cards for websites, so there is a distinct idea which is to create a website and link it to your YouTube channel and then create a landing page for each product.
  • You can write the link on the screen for the audience to transfer it in the browser, and unfortunately the affiliate links are long and therefore difficult for the user to write, so you can buy a short domain name and put the code to convert the audience that visits this domain to your affiliate links.

Fourth advice ... Don't be in a hurry to win

This advice is one of the best advice, so do not rush to profit and put all your focus on building the audience and gaining their confidence, and with time, you can achieve big profits through the affiliate.

How to profit from YouTube through affiliate marketing is a long question that deserves our effort and time, and we will still make some effort to reach you to a high stage of understanding to achieve the strategy and method to the fullest.

The most important tools you need in order to profit from YouTube through Affiliate

There are some tools that you will need in order to be able to provide high quality videos and a distinctive professional work, and we have made sure to mention these tools for you so that you can rely on them in building your audience and thus save a lot of time.

Of course, the audience needs professional and high-quality videos in order to be attracted to them, so you can profit from YouTube without ads through affiliate sites through the strategy that we explained by relying on the following tools:

Video camera and professional mike

You can rely on a professional camera that provides you with high-quality videos, that you can use to photograph yourself while explaining products with filming all the details.

Many people ask about how to make from YouTube without appearing, and this is possible of course, as you can shoot the product only while speaking with your voice and mentioning its advantages and disadvantages.

You can also profit from YouTube without photography and without using the camera through some of the ideas that we provide for you in other articles in the profit from the Internet section of the site.

Using a professional mike is a great way to comfort your audience, as the purity of sound is very important to them, and you can count on a suitable type at a low price, such as Mike Boya, on which many content makers rely.

Program for editing videos

There are a large number of editing programs and editing videos that you can rely on, some of these programs are free and others are paid, so you can rely on a free program and use it in professional montage.

Modify the sound and image and add effects, you have to be creative in montage and use the latest technology in order to attract the audience, do not hesitate to add aesthetic things and creative music that affects the audience and may motivate them to click on the affiliate link.

Learn new skills in video making

You are not limited to the skills that you possess, but always keep yourself informed of the latest technologies and ideas in order to use them and can make money from YouTube by expanding your audience over time and getting their full attention.

There are many training courses and lessons that you can rely on in developing yourself, and learning is the most effective way to maximize profit from the Internet.

making money from the Internet is not limited to professionals only, but also includes profit from the Internet for beginners through many of the methods that we provide, including profit from YouTube for beginners through affiliate marketing through the strategy that we explained in detail in this topic.

Here, we have answered in detail an important question, which is how to profit from YouTube. Follow the steps that we mentioned and study them well and start implementing now so that you can soon win fantastic sums that you may not have thought of one day.

Learn, study, get ready, go towards profit and achieve what you wish, keep that in mind and do not stop.

There are many other ideas for making money from the Internet in general and from YouTube in particular, so look at these ideas on the site, and also wait for many new articles and ideas that help you make a lot of money online.