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best YouTube channels in various fields for 2020

Best YouTube channels you can rely on in many fields of life, as this large site includes millions of free videos, and through it you can find everything you are looking for from free YouTube channels, whether entertainment YouTube channels, educational YouTube channels, or many other fields as we will explain Through this article, I provide you with the best YouTube channels in 2020 in various fields.

best YouTube channels
The best YouTube channels

Best YouTube channels in 2020

YouTube is the largest platform in the world to upload and share visual videos, and it includes a very large number of users, reaching about 2 billion users per year, and also includes a large number of video makers and content creators, so through this platform you can view a lot of entertaining videos And useful in different areas.

We have arranged for you here through this topic the best YouTube channels that have achieved a lot of success in 2020 and were able to obtain the confidence and participation of many users, and we have diversified this list for you, as it includes educational channels as well as entertainment channels.

Of course, you can make money from YouTube by becoming one of the content makers on this large site while achieving the conditions for profit and participating in the AdSense program, and we explain on our site many training courses and articles that take you from the beginning of the road to achieve thousands of dollars a month with some effort and patience.

Best educational YouTube channels 

YouTube includes a very large number of useful educational channels that you can use in learning many areas, as there are YouTube channels to learn programming and also YouTube channels to teach computers and many other areas.

Here I provide you with the best educational and cultural channels that you can follow and benefit from:

  1. Zamerican English channel to learn the English language and this channel is considered one of the largest and most famous channels in this field and it has achieved a lot of success, and provides training courses in it by Mr. Ibrahim Adel who is keen to present the information in the simplest form, also he provides training courses for all levels, whether beginner, intermediate level or Professional.
  2. Ecology channel, which offers great episodes in the field of history and philosophy, and the videos are characterized by a sense of humor and the presentation of information in a very distinctive way.
  3. Nafham Channel, which is a channel specializing in the field of Arabic language at all levels of education from the primary stage to the secondary stage in many Arab countries, and it is considered one of the best educational YouTube channels in the recent period.
  4. The match channel, which offers a strong series of distinctive youth programs, which talks to the minds of young people and provides them with important information in science and sociology, and is one of the best YouTube channels for youth.

These are the best educational YouTube channels, which have been very successful in the recent period, and these channels are followed by a very large number of people, so you can look at them and benefit from them.

The best entertainment YouTube channels

  1. The noor stars channel, owned by an Iraqi girl named Nour Naim, offers many entertaining videos in the field of cosmetics and makeup, as well as part of her diary in the United States of America.
  2. Hayla TV is one of the best channels that addresses women in general and provides them with many ideas such as beauty, entertainment stories, and others.
  3. FousyTube Channel This channel offers a large number of entertainment and sports videos, and it has a very large number of views.

These are the most prominent and best YouTube channels for the year 2020 and there are many, many other channels that are worth following, and there are very wonderful YouTube channels for children.

In this article, we talked about the best Arab YouTube channels, and in another topic we will talk about the best Egyptian YouTube channels if you are interested in Egyptian content.