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Earning money from youtube by making a youtube channel for children

 Creating a YouTube channel for children is a very good way to make money from internet, as with the recent reservations imposed by the YouTube company on children's channel ads, it is still a good source of making money from youtube, especially since children's views are very large, so come with us to get to know Easy and simple steps that you can take to own a large YouTube channel and make huge money from it.

Earning money from youtube
Earning money from youtube

How to create a YouTube channel for children and make money from it

We talked in separate articles about how to create a YouTube channel from the beginning and bring it to success, while fulfilling the conditions of YouTube in order to accept the profit, so if you do not read this article, you should read it well and implement the steps in order to have a successful new channel.

After creating a new YouTube channel by following the steps we mentioned, now move on to the next step, which is to read another very important article that explains how to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours with ease through a simple strategy, in order to be able to make a profit in the channel.

After you have taken the steps to create a YouTube channel for children through the previous two articles, here you must know that you must be patient at the beginning in order to be able to achieve what you aspire to, so the matter here will not be getting a million views of the video a day after its publication, but with time and continued publication You will notice a significant improvement in the performance of the channel, especially if the content is meaningful and attractive to viewers, and here we will teach you how to create this attractive content.

YouTube has added some guidelines for children's channels, in order to protect the child from viewing some types of ads that suit them, and therefore obliges content creators to determine whether the videos are for children or for others, and therefore it is necessary to select the video option for children when publishing.

After completing the creation of a YouTube channel for children in the way we mentioned, it remains for you to get acquainted with ideas that enable you to add profitable videos that are highly appreciated by children, as the idea that we will present is easy to implement in addition to it attracts millions of children to watch and complete the video to the end, which positively affects The performance of the channel increases its suggestion for YouTube visitors.

The idea of ​​creating a YouTube channel for children

After you finished creating a YouTube channel for children, it remains for you to learn an idea to create professional videos that attract children to watch.

The idea here is to make stories for children, and there is no doubt that they love the stories and love to watch and enjoy them, and so you find them complete the video to the end. Are you now wondering how to create the stories? i Aware of this and don't worry I will also respond to this inquiry in a few simple steps.

In the beginning we provide you with a great site for story resources that you can use in your videos, so you can go to this site and see the existing stories and choose from them.

After that, you have to learn to montage animated pictures, in order to read stories with your voice with the moving pictures on the screen, and here the videos are highly professional, very wonderful and attractive to children.

Pay attention to the sound quality by using a suitable mike, and there is Mike Boya at a great price.

Then continue making the videos this way by recording with your own voice and animation, and don't forget to implement the strategies that we presented for you in the article How to Get 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Watch Hours.

You must choose interested title and thumbnail in the story, as these two factors are the strongest influence in the pressure of the child on the video, and so if you can choose an appropriate title and an attractive thumbnail image, then you must achieve great views with time.

This is a simple strategy and short steps that you can follow in order to create a YouTube channel for children and make a lot of money from it, and do not rush to profit, but you have to be patient and continue publishing, and you will find great results with time.

This is just one way and one idea to making money from Internet, specifically making money from YouTube, and there are many distinct ideas and articles in this field you can find on the site, and wait for many distinct ideas to make money from the Internet and achieve great success in this field.