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 Creating a YouTube channel and profit from it using the phone may be the dream of many people who do not own a computer but want to be creative and making money from YouTube, so in this topic we explain to you full details about how to use a mobile phone such as a computer to create YouTube channels and profit from them, as well as Ways to upload and post videos, reply to comments, and many more, so follow me so that you can make thousands of dollars just using a mobile phone.

making money from youtube
making money from youtube

Create a YouTube channel and profit from it using the phone

In the beginning, I would like to explain to you that phone can use phone as an alternative to the computer in creating a YouTube channel and profit from it with ease, especially if that phone has high specifications, and if you have a phone with weak specifications, do not worry, you can work through it and making money from youtube as well.

In order to start creating a YouTube channel and profit from it using the phone, you must learn the steps for creating the channel, which are summarized in the following:

  • Go to the YouTube application, then click on the profile icon located on the side at the top of the screen.
  • After clicking Select the Plus option, click on it to add a new account, and here some personal information will be requested from you.
  • This information includes name, date of birth, gender, username and password, after that you have to click on the Next option.
  • After you have finished creating an account on Gmail, you can now start creating a YouTube channel and profit from it using the phone by adding a new channel, enter the channel name you want.

Not only one YouTube channel, but you can create and use many sub-channels for free.

Create a YouTube channel, profit from it using the phone, and make huge sums

After you created a new channel on YouTube, now you can start working to make profits, but in the beginning you have to learn some important basics in order to make a profit, as YouTube now requires content creators to fulfill certain conditions for profit that include 4000 hours of watching videos in The last 12 months and 1000 subscribers to the channel.

Therefore, you must fulfill these conditions in order to be approved to make a profit, and of course you may wonder about how to achieve this, do not worry, we provide you on our website a complete strategy and thoughtful steps through which you can achieve the conditions for making money from YouTube and get 4000 hours of viewing and a thousand subscribers with ease, So read this article well and go through the steps.

After reading this article and implementing the steps, wait for the results that will come soon, but it is imperative to continue publishing the videos so that you can get good results in the least time.

How to use the phone to upload videos and follow statistics

You can use the phone to upload videos and enjoy all the settings and features that YouTube provides to you, by opening YouTube from the Google Chrome application, and then clicking on the menu at the top, which is in the form of 3 points.

After clicking on it, you will find at the bottom the option to display as a desktop or Desktop site, click on it, and the browser mode will be switched to the computer format, and here you can upload the video and use all the tools that exist on the computer.

After creating a YouTube channel and profit from it using the phone, you can follow all the statistics of views, subscriptions, watch hours, and many other details that help you in analyzing the performance of the channel, all through an application on the phone that is completely free, which is the YouTube studio application, so download this application, It will definitely help you a lot.

We will talk in another separate article about this wonderful application and the features it provides to content creators, and we will also talk about how to use it in analyzing the performance of the channel and thus improve the results with ease.

Here, we have finished talking about making money from internet by using the phone, so implement the previous steps, and are not limited to that, but rather you should read the rest of the articles on the profit section of YouTube on our site, which greatly help in achieving huge sums of money per month.

We also provide you with many ideas for the videos that you can create, so follow the existing and wait for the new in order to develop yourself in this field, and one day you will achieve thousands of dollars a month.