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A very effective way to get 4000 hours view and 1000 subscribers on youtube

 How to get 4000 watch hours is an important question that many YouTube content creators are looking for as they may face some difficulties in bringing views to their content, and this has reasons that we will talk about the best ways to bring 4000 hours watch as well as how to get 1000 subscribers In order to activate the channel to making money from youtube.

Many errors may occur that lead to a lack of views and subscribers on YouTube channels, as some may rely on exchanges and obtaining subscriptions and views in illegal ways and all of them harm the channel and not the opposite, so we will talk about these errors and how to get 1000 subscribers, and you will know how to achieve 1000 subscribers in Your YouTube channel with ease and legitimate ways.

making money from youtube
making money from youtube

How to get 4000 watch hours on your YouTube channel

How to get 4000 watch hours on your YouTube channel is not a difficult thing, as providing original and useful content to viewers leads to a rapid increase in views, thus increasing subscriptions and achieving the profit conditions imposed by the YouTube administration in the recent period.

In order to reach 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel and 4000 hours of viewing with ease and within a short time, you must follow the following tips:

  • Providing your own original content and not from anywhere else, as the YouTube administration has become a requirement to provide exclusive content and is not taken from anywhere, as for those who depend on uploading and reusing videos, they are not accepted for making money from youtube.
  • The most important advice that is hidden by many in order to achieve these conditions is very simple, but it may be difficult for many, which is to constantly download videos and not stop publishing even if you do not notice any change or progress in the views and subscriptions of the channel, and the majority of the owners of new YouTube channels are doing By uploading the videos to the channel in a while, then they notice that the viewers are not affected and do not notice progress in the performance of the channel, and therefore they stop publishing and this is the problem.
  • The way to get 1000 subscribers and how to get 4000 hours watching is very easy and is to continue publishing and not stopping even if you do not notice any progress in the performance of the channel, and with time the views and subscriptions will come.
  • Try as much as possible to post one or more videos every day according to your ability, the most important thing is not to stop publishing and to continue to present your content.
  • Also very important advice is to publish static content on the channel and not change the field in order for the channel to be archived on this content and thus compete with other channels, but if you publish videos in multiple fields, the YouTube administration does not recognize the channel’s domain and therefore does not appear in YouTube search engines such as Specialized Channels.
After following these tips, especially not to get bored and rush in the views and subscriptions, you will notice a big change and the number of views and subscriptions that you never thought of, the most important and most important thing is to stay and continue and not stop publishing so do not forget this.

Here's a sufficient answer for how to get 4,000 Watch Hours and how to get 1,000 subscribers.

Just follow these mentioned tips and you will see the difference, and as fatigue as you will find the result.

I have listed all these tips for you from personal experience, so I am completely convinced of them, as I initially published a number of videos and did not find the satisfactory result if I stopped for a while and left YouTube until I resolved to continue and uploaded a large number of videos daily for a long period that may exceed 3 months, and after that I noticed a big change and views that I did not expect, as some of the videos had exceeded a million, and the number of subscribers exceeded 25 thousand subscribers with a continuous increase in the number of about a thousand subscribers per month without any effort.

Thus, I listed these tips for you from experiences from reality, and the advice to choose one field in the channel is considered very important and expensive advice because I have changed the field, which led to the deterioration of views and interaction in the channel significantly, and this is what you will notice after entering my YouTube channel and watching the difference before And after changing the field.

So, if you want to making money from youtube and succeed, be sure to continue and maintain the same field in your field without changing it.