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The most important CPA terms you will encounter in this field

 The most important CPA terms must be known and studied well, in order to be aware of all aspects related to this field and be able to study and understand it properly, and what prompted me to write this article is that this field the difficulties in understanding its terms and getting to know it, Here, through this article, I explain all the terminology in this field, and I also talk about information about CPA that enables you to start, work and make money.  

Most important CPA terminology
Most important CPA terminology

Most important CPA terms

There are many terms in this field, and these terms are specific to affiliate marketing in general, so if you want to work in this field, you must first familiarize yourself with all these terms and learn their meaning, and this is what I will explain in the next paragraphs.

Cost Per Action CPA

CPA  is an acronym for this field that we are talking about, and it means cost versus the action or action that a marketer is doing.

The offer or work may be very simple in some offers, such as writing the name and email, and it may require the implementation of a large task such as completing full sales and many other offers . 

This term is used both as an acronym and referring to the domain, and there are some other terms that are also used.


This term is called the affiliate link or link for the marketer, as this link is used to promote the offer, and therefore the site or CPA companies get to know the marketer and calculate the profits he is entitled to in exchange for the promotion and completion of the execution of the offers.

Offer payout and offer page

Offer payout means the commission that the marketer gets in exchange for promoting the offer, and therefore marketing for a specific offer gives you a certain value or a material amount.

As for the term offer page, it is given to the page owned by the advertiser that is specific to the offer, and therefore the marketer is asked to bring visitors or implement the offer through this page using his affiliate link.

CPA Network

It is one of the most important CPA terms as it refers to companies or sites that act as an intermediary between advertisers and marketers, and as we mentioned, these companies represent great importance because they organize the relationship between them.


This term is given to the advertising campaign that the marketer launches in order to implement the offer and get the desired visitors.


This is an abbreviation for Earnings per click, which means the amount of profit per click on your affiliate link, not the amount of profit on the full execution of the offer.

In order for you to understand this term with me well, I will give you a simple example:

If you promote a specific offer and this offer is worth $ 20 and get 1000 clicks or clicks on your link, but only 100 users from the thousand have implemented this offer, then you will have achieved a commission of $ 2000.

The term we mean here is the profit per click, as you have received 1000 clicks and therefore the profit for each click is $ 2.

There are some other simple terms that are used frequently such as publisher which means publisher or  CPA  marketer within the company, and ID which means the code for the marketer.

The term conversion means converting the click into commission, and the term lead is close to the first term, as it means the process of performing the offer.

The term promotion means promoting CPA offers using different marketing methods in order to implement the offers and earn their commission.

Affilliate Manager

This term is called the account manager for the marketer in every company, as every company you work in will have an account manager to help you, and you can benefit from him and speak with him directly in order to learn about good offers.


This symbol is an abbreviation for the term cost per click, which means cost per click, and this is for the ad campaigns that marketers create in order to promote CPA offers, as each click is for a specific fee.

These are the most important and frequently used CPA terms , so you are familiar with the basics of this broad field.