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How to make money from YouTube and earn large sums of money every month and even every day, this is the title of our article and the topic of our conversation with you today, as we will talk extensively about YouTube and what it represents of a tremendous profit opportunity. We will also talk about how to achieve suitable material amounts based on some ideas, and we will explain how to make a profit from YouTube in simple steps.
How to make money from YouTube

How to make a profit from YouTube

If you are looking for how to make a profit from YouTube ,this topic is the best source for you, because it contains very valuable and wonderful information that saves you a lot of time and effort.

The following are the steps that answer the question of how to make money from YouTube and win an appropriate amount:

Create a new channel

The first step is to create a new YouTube channel, and this is something available to everyone and represents a great opportunity for people who can create good and attractive content for viewers, and we talked in another article about the cost of creating a YouTube channel.

Feed the channel with videos

Start placing the videos on the channel continuously and not stopping that even if the results and statistics are not satisfactory in the beginning, as over time the views improve dramatically.

Channel Promotion

After that, you have to promote your channel through the many methods that we have explained in the articles available on our site, so review these articles so that you can reach your channel to a large number of people.

One of the best ways to promote is to create channel pages on social media and continue to post on these pages. You can also promote your channel by making funded ads.

Achieve the conditions for making a profit from YouTube

YouTube conditions for monetization 2020 must be fulfilled to activate ads on YouTube and profit from the channel, and these conditions are to adhere to YouTube's policies and to have the videos exclusive and your own, and it is necessary to achieve a thousand subscribers to the channel and 4000 hours of viewing in the last year.

How to make a profit from YouTube

After achieving the conditions for activating the YouTube channel, now you can make a profit and place an advertisement on your videos for profit through these ads.

Go to the YouTube studio and enter the profit icon to request a review of the channel, after which the YouTube administration reviews the channel to ensure that it adheres to the policies and fulfills the conditions.

If you agree to join the YouTube Partner Program, you can add ads to the videos, and I wrote a complete article on how to place ads either on all videos with one click or manually place ads on each of the videos on the channel.

In another article, I talked about how to receive money from YouTube, so review this article to learn about the methods of receiving money available to you.

If you are looking to profit from YouTube without making videos, then you should review yourself, because profit through this site is related to creating good and attractive content for viewers.

You can profit from YouTube without Adsense or ads by subscribing to affiliate programs, as we explained through another article on the site.

Here, I have answered in detail about how to make money from YouTube and earn large amounts of money.