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Activate profit from YouTube and subscribe to Google Adsense to make money from ads

Activating profit from YouTube is the last step to run ads and make money, and there is no doubt that a lot of effort has been made to reach this wonderful moment in which you reap the result of your fatigue and your determination to succeed, and I decided to talk in this topic about activating the profit from YouTube channels for beginners although it is very easy, for those who go through this experience for the first time it may be a bit difficult, so come with me on this topic to tell you in detail about how to activate profit from YouTube 2020 in very simple steps.

Activate profit from YouTube

Activate the profit from YouTube

To be able to activate ads on YouTube, you must first go through some steps and fulfill the conditions for activating the YouTube channel, which is represented in your exclusive content, respecting and adhering to Google's policies, as well as achieving a thousand subscribers in the channel in addition to 4000 hours of viewing in the last 12 months. In a comprehensive article, we talked about YouTube's conditions for monetization 2020 and about each condition and how to achieve it.

After achieving the conditions for monetization from YouTube, you can now activate monetization on your channel with ease, as the channel enters into a review phase, and if it meets the conditions and criteria set by YouTube, it is approved in a period ranging from one channel to the other, as this period It could be a week, it could be a month, and it could be less or more, depending on some factors.

To start activating profit from YouTube, you must follow the following steps on your channel:

  • Enter the channel and open the YouTube studio by clicking on the account picture that is located at the top of the screen from the left or right, depending on the language.
  • After that, you will find in the list what is called activating profit, click on it to move to this list.
  • After entering this option, you will find the conditions and the percentage of your fulfillment of them, where you find a thousand subscribers and 4000 hours, and if these conditions are fulfilled, you will find YouTube telling you that your channel is ready for review now.
  • Click on review, and here you must be the owner of an AdSense account for the channel to be activated through it, and in another separate article, I talk to you about how to create a new Adsense account.
  • Here you have to wait until you are notified of the outcome of the review, and if the channel is accepted, you can place ads on it and profit from these ads.
These are the steps that you can follow to monetize YouTube after completing the terms and conditions.

How to activate YouTube profit on videos after accepting the channel

If you were notified by e-mail of agreeing to activate the YouTube account, you can now easily add ads to all old videos, as well as new videos that you will upload to your channel.

You only have to enter the video manager through YouTube studio, and then enter each video and choose the profit activation menu, and here the ads will be placed on the video in a short time.

You can shorten this command and not have to enter each video separately to activate the ads, as you can place ads on all existing videos with one click by the following:

  • Entering into YouTube Studio.
  • At the top, you will find a congratulatory message for accepting your channel, and in it, you will find an icon to activate profit from YouTube, which you must click on.
  • After clicking on it, save and refresh the page, and you will find all the videos turned green and monetized.
  • If you have 8 minutes or more videos on your channel, you have to manually add ads to them to increase profit through these videos, all you have to do is enter the video settings and you will find a monetization menu then search for ads during play and add ad units and separators as well Wish.
This is a comprehensive talk about how to activate profit from YouTube, whether sending the channel for review or after acceptance and running ads on videos.