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Making money from Google Adsense for beginners Comprehensive guide and important tips for achieving high profits

Making money from Google Adsense for beginners and very important information that I provide to those who want to work and profit from this giant company, as I write for you a comprehensive topic that includes all the information and basics that every publisher and content maker should know in order to be familiar with all aspects.

Through this article, you will learn about the way Google Adsense works, the parties that work together, and how the profit reaches the owner of the content in the end.

Not only that, but through the topic I offer a lot of experience-based advice that helps to make a  profit  from Google Adsense. I will also provide a full explanation of how to create a Google Adsense account for those who do not have an account on this site.

This article is not only written for beginners, but it contains a lot of important information that professionals in this field need in order to develop their work and increase profit.

Profit from Google Adsense
Profit from Google Adsense

Making money from Google Adsense for beginners

In the beginning, and before going into the AdSense site for profit and how to work in it, you have to understand with me the mechanism and how this site works and how it gets profit, as well as how to distribute this profit to publishers or content makers.

Google Adsense is a subsidiary of Google, which is an advertising company that content makers subscribe to in order to place ads on their sites and thus generate profits through these ads.

Dear reader, you may ask about these ads and the importance of placing them on the sites and for any company that is affiliated, and the answer here is that Google also deals with content makers and publishers, it also deals with trademark owners or people who want to make ads on Google in order to get visitors, and here the company deals With advertisers through Google Ads.

Profit from Google Adsense for beginners is to create good content that is in line with Google's policies, and then ads are placed on this content and make profits from it.

From the above, it is clear that Google acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers, and therefore it organizes this process, takes money from advertisers, and then gives part of this money to publishers, website owners and YouTube channels in which ads are placed, and the other part of the money belongs to Google.

So this work is a profit sharing, you have to  write,  blog or create content on YouTube, and Google has to connect you with advertisers and place ads on your content in order to make a profit for you and the company.

How to profit from Google Adsense for beginners

In order to make a profit from blogging and Google AdSense, I will show you the way from the beginning, so all you have to do is implement the steps that I will mention, knowing that they take time, but with patience and persistence, the results are wonderful and you may not have dreamed of them before.

In the beginning you will have to create a new website with the money that suits you, and here it is imperative to create an organized plan to start properly and continue blogging.

The field of the site is one of the important things that must be taken care of, so choose an area that you think you will innovate in. You also have to take into account the volume of research in this area by the public, so rely on some tools such as Google Keyword Planner.

You can create a completely free website through Blogger and this is very suitable for profit from Google Adsense for beginners. You can also buy a domain name and paid hosting to create your own site, and I have written a complete article on  how to create a website from the beginning until you make profits from it.

After that, you have to write the content, and be sure to provide useful information and attractive content to the public in order to get visits, and you also have to pay attention to applying all Google's policies in order for your site to be accepted, and below I will talk about the conditions that must be met for acceptance of the site.

After submitting to the modules and reviewing it, if it is compatible with the conditions, acceptance is accepted and thus you can profit from Adsense by putting its code inside your site.

Before you apply to Google Adsense, you have to take good care of some things and verify the terms of acceptance of the site, which are represented first in the good and exclusive content.

You must provide high-quality content in order to benefit visitors, and you must also stay away from unacceptable content in Google Adsense.

The design of your site must be suitable for visitors, and here you have to choose a simple template in order for the visitor to move on the site easily and without any confusion, and I personally advise you to use a template from the default Blogger templates where it is very fast and light, in the case of a site on Blogger.

In order to profit from Google Adsense for beginners and accept your site, you have to write basic pages such as the contact us page that connects your visitor, and the privacy policy page in which you talk about Google's policies.

You can also write an About Us page to talk about what you offer on the site, as well as the Usage Policy page, which are two pages that can be dispensed with.

As for the Contact Us page, it is a simple form in which the visitor writes his data and then sends the message to you in order to reach you via e-mail, and there are ready-made forms, while the privacy policy page includes some fixed items that are written on any site with simple modifications according to the name and policy of the site . 

Link all the sections and articles of the  site to each other to facilitate the movement of visitors within the site, and you must also respond to the comments.

You can apply through the free domain blogger, which is an excellent and very impressive domain, but it is preferable to buy a domain in order for your site to be more professional for visitors.

Before applying to Adsense in order to make money every day, your site must get visits, and this depends on the quality of the content you provide and also depends on the way you market the site’s topics.

After completing all the previous conditions, here you have to apply to Google Adsense to subscribe to this giant company and thus start making money.

Create a Google Adsense account to link to your site 

Of course, dear reader,  you wonder how to profit from the Internet and  how I will create an account in Google Adsense, as well as how I will place the ad code and the method of receiving the profits. Do not worry, I will answer it in detail so follow with me.

After achieving all the conditions for accepting the site in Adsense, there you have to create a new account, and the following are the steps for creating a Google Adsense account

  • Log in to your Gmail account with which the site was created.
  • After that, go to the Adsense page and click on Subscribe or create a new account, and here you have to add the link to your site that you want to apply for.
  • After clicking on Create an Account, you will go to the personal information and data page, starting with the type of account, whether individual or commercial, as well as the name, address, city and province, and you have to enter all these data accurately, and you will understand why later.
  • Enter the postal code closest to you, and if you do not know the post code or code near you, write the name of the city or village in Google so that you can easily identify its zip code.
  • Entering the phone number is an optional step, but I advise you to write it.
  • Go to the code, and here you will copy this code and add it to your site within the HTML under the head tag on the Blogger site, but if your site is Wordpress, you must put the code and a text widget inside the sidebar area, which creates the appearance.

These are the steps to profit from Google Adsense for beginners, starting with creating a new site and applying to it in Google Adsense.

Google reviews your site, and if it is in compliance with the conditions, an e-mail message will be sent with approval, thus starting to make a profit from the Internet from AdSense.

Profit from Google Adsense for beginners, types of ads, and the best places to place them

Google AdSense provides you with many types of ads that you can add on your site, and here I will explain to you these types and how to use them to make money.

  1. Automatic ads are a very good option for modern sites, as Google places ads in the appropriate places on your behalf, and here you may find display ads that cover the entire content, as well as ads on the home page and articles.
  2. Text and image ads that are used in the header and sidebar.
  3. Ads inside articles, either at the beginning of the article or the middle of the page.
  4. Matched content ads that appear below the content.
  5. Feed ads that are placed between the articles list available on the site.
  6. You can place Google AdSense ads in many places on the site, but I advise you to use automatic ads or 3 manual ads only so that the site is responsive and fast and you get good results, especially if the site is modern.
  7. You can place ads in the header area, which are at the top of the site, as well as biller ads and side ads, in addition to ads within articles at the beginning and middle and other positions.

Profit rate from Google Adsense for beginners

Many people ask about the average  profit from Google Adsense, and  here I would like to note that the answer to this question is not an easy thing, as the amount of profit from Google Adsense depends on many factors and varies between one person and the other, as there are many content makers who earn thousands of dollars a month and makers Others content achieve very small amounts compared to these amounts, and this depends on the following factors:

  • The domain of the site and the keywords used in the articles, as the price for clicking on ads varies from one domain to another, as well as between one keyword and another.
  • The quality of the site’s content, which results in the visitor’s stay, as well as the places to place the ads.
  • The number of visitors to the site and the countries from which the visitors come, as the price for clicking on the ads varies from country to another, for example a visitor from America gives more profits than Egypt and so on.
  • The ad click rate compared to the number of times the ad is viewed, and in most cases this percentage does not exceed 10%.
  • Use the ad filtering feature, where you can block some types of inexpensive ads from within your AdSense account.

These are the most important factors on which the profit from Google Adsense depends for beginners as well as professionals, but in the end the price per click in Arabic content ranges between 1 year to 8 years, and for foreign content, the price of the report is much better, as the click price may reach in some areas To $ 10.

In order to calculate the average AdSense profit per month, multiply the number of page views per month by the average CTR of the average price per click by the number of days of the month.

As for how to receive profits from Google Adsense, the company has provided many payment methods such as bank transfer and bank check, as well as electronic payment is also available, but in some countries.

Dealing with Western Union, a service that most Arab content makers relied on, has been canceled, so this method is not available in new accounts, but it is still used in old accounts and there is no knowledge of when it will stop permanently.

Important advice for beginners and professionals in order to make high profits from Google Adsense

The first advice that I want to give you in particular is the content, as the content is the king as it is said, which is the thing that attracts visitors and thus brings you profits, so you have to pay attention to the content greatly in order for it to be of high value and thus get many visits and the visitor remains on your site For longer stays.

Before subscribing to Google Adsense, you must know and read Google's policies well, in order not to violate these policies under any circumstances, as violating Google's policies exposes you to permanently closing the account and thus wasting your effort.

Profit from Google Adsense for beginners is a good source of profit from the Internet, as you will work as a partner to Google and share the profits with 68% of the money paid by advertisers to place ads on your site.

The most important thing that distinguishes this work is that it is a source of livelihood and continuous profit with you that will not stop in the event that you respect the policies and not violate them, and the more you develop yourself and the performance of the site, the greater your profits will be greatly, so be sure to develop your site and get legitimate visits in various ways in order to be able to succeed In this field and obtaining a very good monthly return that suffices you to live.

In the end, I would like to explain to you the importance of this field, as it is a source of profit and livelihood for many content creators, and some of them or a large percentage of them make thousands of dollars a month and sums that you will never fully imagine, so what is the obstacle to being one of those with diligence, diligence and work and continuing to learn and continue without stopping And without boredom.

If you like this topic and think it is useful, you should share it with your friends and anyone you think needs to read it, as you may be the reason for income and profit for some people, so you may change the lives of some by sharing the topic.

If you encounter any problem or want to ask me about anything about profit from Google Adsense for beginners and professionals, please do not hesitate to contact me and comment on this topic, and I will respond to you myself, God willing, in order to provide help and solve your own problem, as I was a beginner also and helped me Other people and the zakat of knowledge communicated.