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Create a website in the field of cooking and unique ideas to make money from the Internet

 Creating a website in a specialty or field of cooking is a suitable way and a distinct idea for lovers of this field and lovers of the art of cooking, especially women and housewives, so I saw that I talk about this topic about all the details of how to create a website in this field and how to promote it to appear in engines Search and win thousands of dollars every month.  

Create a website in the field of cooking

Create a website in the specialty of cooking

Many who want to profit from the Internet are looking for innovative website ideas, and here through our site I provide you with many very distinctive website projects, including a cooking site.

Of course, this field is suitable for those interested in it and those who have experience in it, so this article is geared more to women and housewives, and here I will talk about all the details and steps, from setting up a website in this field to how to promote it and profit from it.

In the beginning, you can create a free or paid site, as the Google Blogger platform allows you to create an infinite number of blogs, so you can create a blog on Blogger in this field with simple steps, and you can also buy hosting and a domain from a company and design your own site. By a web developer.

After creating the site, you should now start writing and blogging on it, and there are many topics and recipes that people are looking for, so it is one of the valuable and excellent areas to start a successful website.

In the beginning, I want to advise you very expensive advice, which is exclusive content, as it is the important and fundamental point in the success of any website, so you have to create your own content and not copy from anywhere else.

You have to offer something new and distinctive recipes, so you do not always depend on others in recipes and foods, but rather provide what you can do and pay good attention to details such as pictures and it is preferable that you photograph these pictures yourself from the meals that you have cooked.

If you can provide distinctive and exclusive content with new and innovative recipes and appropriate methods for delicious meals, then one day you will have a large site that competes with the largest sites in this field, but in order to reach that, the content alone is not enough, but attention must be paid to promoting content and marketing it. For people to see, and here I will explain the most prominent and easiest ways to promote.

How to get visitors to the site

After creating a website in the field of cooking and writing good content on it, here you should promote the site, and there is no doubt that if the content is good, it gives an opportunity to get free visits from search engines.

Now you have to create pages for the site on social media and websites, then publish topics continuously on these sites to get visits from them, and you can also rely on funded ads to enlarge the pages and to send site visits through Facebook.

With a subscription to the Google AdSense program, ads will be placed on the site  and profit  through these ads, so you can convert your passion for money in simple steps.

Sorry for writing this article in the masculine form, as most of those interested in this field are females, but this formula includes both genders. I welcome any comments or questions and I will answer them myself.