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Create a website to download books and make high profits from it

 Creating a website to download books is a distinctive idea and one of the most important and popular ideas for new sites, and we have all seen many explanations on the Internet about this idea, so in this article I talk in detail about this idea and how to implement it and reach very high profits  , So follow me and implement the steps. 

Create a website to download books
 Create a website to download books

Create a website to download books

In the beginning, you have to create a new site, either on the Google Blogger platform for free, or buy hosting and a private domain and create a paid site, and here you will have to rely on a web developer.

After you finish creating a website using one of the two previous options, here you will have to pay attention to the content and so you will write a description for each book that you will provide to visitors, and you have to write a brief about the author of the book as well and at the bottom of the article you will have to put the download link that the visitor will use for Get the book for free.

There are many sites that offer you the ability to upload book files. They will give you a link that you add on your site in order to go to the original site and download the book.

Your site must be well-organized and arranged to make it easier for users, and for this you will have to create several sections such as literary and scientific books and other other sections.

How to profit from the Internet through a book site

You can get the links to download free books and provide them on your own site, and thus you get visits in order to download these books, but you have to make sure that the links are completely sound so that the visitors can trust you.

You can also download any free and allowed book, and then upload it again on the Internet through your site.

There are many files uploading websites that you can use to obtain links to download books as well as profit from them, as I will explain and here are some of these sites:  

As for the way to profit from the Internet using this method, it is represented by subscribing with Google Adsense and profit from ads, and you can also get a percentage or commission in exchange for sending visitors to download files through the sites you work with.  

While continuing to provide a lot of books and interest in the content, you will get free visits from search engines, and you can also rely on advertising campaigns and paid website marketing.