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The best ways to earn fiverr is a freelance site and a full explanation of the registration method

  In a previous article in a series of articles explaining Fiverr , we talked about the importance of this great site in the free labor market, and we also talked about the most important tips that help in exploiting the site, whether for sellers or buyers, in addition to a full explanation of all the details.  

profit fiverr site

You can see the first article

Today I present to you the second article of the series of the best ways to profit fiverr site in the field of self-employment, where he explained through this article how to register on the site correctly, whether registering as a buyer or registering a public account for buying and selling, or even upgrading the buyer’s account so that he can sell as well, So I advise you to read the entire article in order to register in the right way.

The topic of the article will not only explain how to register, but also how to create and sell Gig services through the site.

There remains a third article in the fiverr explanation series, so after reading the first and second articles, I advise you to continue reading the third article, in which I discuss strategies and ways that help sellers reach the largest number of customers, and also explained some important tips that enable the buyer to choose the appropriate services correctly. . 

The best ways to earn fiverr a freelance site and registration method

Registering on Fiverr is not difficult, as it is just simple steps, but there are some things that you must pay attention to so that you do not face any problem with the site after that, and therefore I advise you to read the article to the end.

You can create a public account that allows you to purchase services, and then you can upgrade this account so that you can offer your services for sale as well, and this is what I will discuss with you in the article, but if you want to use the site to purchase services only, you can create an account for purchase.

Here are the steps to register on fiverr

Entering the site

First of all, you have to log in to the site through the following link


After entering, you will find 3 options in the interface, namely, registration through a Facebook account, Google account or e-mail, so you can choose the method you prefer.

If you decide to register by e-mail and enter your e-mail address, you will be directed to another page where a user name and password will be requested.

The username must be unique, as there is no username that has been repeated twice, so choose a name that no one has chosen before, and if you encounter a message that it has been repeated, you must modify it until you reach a correct choice.

The username must be in English and consist of at least 6 characters and will be present in your account link in Fiverr, so make sure that it is a good and understandable name.

After that, enter your password. It must contain uppercase and lowercase letters. It must not be less than 8 characters.

You will receive an email with an activation link, so click on this link in order to activate your account.

Here you have finished registering on Fiverr, and therefore you are now subscribed to the best ways to earn fiverr a site in the field of freelancing, but the matter is not over yet, as there are many necessary tips to create a professional account.

Edit account information

After completing the registration and activating the account via e-mail, here you will have to modify the account data, as the site will ask you for some data such as your full name, so enter and save the data.

You can complete the account information by clicking on the account picture at the top and then clicking on profile. Here you will find on the left your basic data such as name, account creation date, country and others.

You can put a personal photo by clicking on the circle at the top of the name, and the site recommends placing a professional photo in which the face is clearly visible. 

If you want to appear professionally and make profit from Fiverr, you must pay attention to some details, such as writing a short sentence explaining the services you provide at the bottom of the account name, where there is a pen mark in this place and thus you can provide an overview about you.

You can also write a description about yourself and the services you provide on the site, and this part is also available to buyers, so fill in this data in detail in order to have a professional account on the site, whether as a seller or buyer.

Start Earning Fiverr Freelance Website And How To Create A Seller Account

Now, after applying the previous steps, you have an account on the site, where I explained to you how to register on Fiverr in detail, but you are now subscribed to the site as a buyer of services and not a seller of them.

In order to be able to upgrade your account as a seller as well, you must follow these steps:

  • In the beginning, click on the create Gig option, which is located on the same page as the account page, then you go to another page, click on Continue as well, and then move to a page that contains the steps, as there is a video on the right that explains how to do it, and then you move on For a page that contains some rules and conditions, click on the continue option.
  • After that, you move to the second step of the steps to upgrade your account to a seller, which is the step of entering personal data, which includes your full name, personal photo, writing a description or a profile about you, in addition to the languages ​​you speak well, and then click on the continue option.
  • Then you move on to another step, which is to enter your professional data, which includes the professional field, skills, education, certifications and personal website.
  • After you finish entering the professional data, you move to the step of linking your Fiverr account with your Google and Facebook account, and this is an important step that gives your Fiverr account more professionalism and credibility.
  • We have finally reached the final step of upgrading the account, which is insurance via phone number and e-mail, and here all you have to do is choose the country and enter the phone number in order to receive a text message containing a code that you put on the site, and then the insurance process is done correctly.
  • The site will take you to the last page, which contains the option to finish, so click on it.

These are the steps to register on Fiverr as a public account and then upgrade this account so that you can sell services as well and thus make a profit fiverr site in the field of self-employment.

Steps to create a Gig service on Fiverr 

In order to be able to profit from Fiverr, you have to place your initial service professionally, and here, through the next lines and paragraphs, you will learn how to create a professional service that brings many customers.

In each of the steps you take, you will find a video on the right of the screen that explains everything in detail, and this is to facilitate the site for users.

Enter the basic data for the service

While creating the service, you will find some required data, which are the following points:

  • The title of the service is Gig title. Here you have to write a professional title that describes the service you provide, and I advise you to browse the best-selling services in your field in order to be able to choose a suitable title, but do not copy any existing title, it is enough to see the method of writing.
  • Category of the service Here you will have to book your classification of the service you provide.
  • Gig metadata This field is required to write a detailed description of the service you provide.
  • Search tags, which indicate about the service you provide, and you will find some suggestions that the site provides you with.

Scope and pricing

This part includes the framework of the service you provide in terms of the number of allowed modifications, packages and other information that I will explain, and it is also specific to the price, and the following is a full explanation of each part of it:

  • Name your package, and here you have to put the name of each package that you offer, and you have to make the name related to the service you provide.
  • Description of the service you provide.
  • Delivery time is the expected time to deliver the service to the customer.
  • Revisions is the number of revisions or modifications you allow.

These are the four basic points required in all services, and there are some other points specific to each service separately.

You can add some perks to the service in exchange for a sum of money, and you can also skip this step. 

Description and FAQ

This part is for describing the service and the questions that the customer may ask, and the description here consists of more than 1200 characters through which you can write a detailed description of what you offer.

Also, writing questions and answering them is an important step in order for the customer to find an answer to the things that may be on his mind, so also pay attention to this part and make sure to provide it.

Requirements for the service

On this page, you will have to write the requirements or information that you want to obtain in the framework of the service that enables you to start implementation, and these requirements differ from one service to another.

There are 3 options at the bottom: Text, Poster, or Answers, so you can select how you want to receive answers.

Gallery or photo gallery

Through this part, you can add images that express the service you provide, and you can also add a professional video that expresses your service.

The site also allows you to add two PDF files with previous work of yours. The files must be in PDF format and have a size of 2 megabytes or less.

After completing all the previous steps, you will have succeeded in publishing your service professionally and correctly, and therefore you can take advantage of the profit fiverr site

This is the second article from Fiverr profit articles in which we talked about how to register in Fiverr and how to add services professionally.

In the third article of the series, I talk in detail about the important tips and steps that help you spread your service and reach the largest number of customers, thus starting to make a profit from Fiverr.

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