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Google Adsense and very important tips in order to get your site accepted

  Google Adsense is Google's advertising program, as it deals with content owners and through it the ads are placed on websites and YouTube channels, thus profiting from these ads.

Google Adsense

Many people have difficulty accepting their site in Google Adsense and may get frustrated, but the matter in general is not that difficult, but the rejection is due to some things and errors that must be paid attention to, and here, through this article, I show you the most important tips that help you accept your site in This advertising program thus start the way to profit from the Internet.

Google Adsense

Google is the leading company in the world of the Internet, as it owns a large number of content makers as well as a large number of advertisers, and is very interested in organizing and distributing roles and profits . 

If you choose to profit from the Internet through creating content and sharing profits with the largest electronic company in the world, here I would like to encourage you to make this choice, as it is one of the distinct areas that generate great profits.

Before I start talking about the conditions for admission to Google Adsense, I invite you first to read the article about profit through Adsense and how to create an account in this company if you are not already an account owner, as creating the account is the first step.

Here are the top tips for getting accepted into the AdSense company:

1. Provide exclusive and quality content

The content is the most important point and the most prominent thing, as the purpose of websites on the Internet is to provide information and content to users in a good and attractive manner.

So you have to take care of writing articles that are completely exclusive and not copied from anywhere else, and also make sure that you write correctly.

Many website owners are exposed to the problem of rejection from the company due to poor or copied content, and this is the most famous and important reason among the reasons for not being accepted by the company.

2. Include the necessary pages in the site

In order for your site to be accepted, you must include two necessary pages, namely the privacy policy page and the contact us page.

There are also two important pages, so it is best to include them as well, the Terms and Conditions page and the About Us page.

There are many templates for these pages online, so check them out so you can design them well.

3. Pay attention to everything related to the user experience

Google cares a lot about the user, as it is keen to make the most of visitors by paying attention to the design of sites and good content.

It is therefore important that the site is simple, easy to use, consistent, and mobile responsive.

4. Pay attention to the speed of the site

Speed ​​is one of the important things that Google looks at and takes into consideration in order to accept or reject in order to improve the user experience.

So you have to choose a simple and fast template that makes visitors able to move quickly between pages and articles without facing any difficulty.

5. Archive the site in Search Console and subscribe to Analytics

You have to prove your site in the Google Search Console tool, as this helps the site appear in search engines, and the Google Analytics tool has an important role in identifying the number of visits, the pages on which it is issued, and other important reports and information.

6. Posting on social media 

Publishing in social media is one of the effective means for archiving the site and its appearance quickly, so it is important to make pages related to the site in the communication sites while publishing on them constantly.

There are tools that automatically publish articles, so Nour needs to publish manually on all sites.

5. Follow the SEO rules in writing

In order to be able to get free visits from the search engine and appear quickly, you must be interested in choosing the keywords correctly while following the rules of SEO in writing, and I have written a comprehensive article for you that explains how to write a professional article with ease.

6. Slow down before applying 

Before you apply for Google Adsense, you should slow down so that your site appears in the search engines, and it is preferable to write at least 30 professional articles.

Google has not specified a specific number of visits to apply for AdSense, but before you apply, you must make sure that the number of visits is appropriate, at least 200 visits per day.

Waiting for a period of time is very important for the site to be fully archived, so do not rush to apply unless you meet the conditions mentioned.

7. Domain 

You can apply for Google Adsense through Blogger or WordPress with a free domain, but it is better to buy a paid domain, as the company does not prefer free sites, although it did not explain this.

These are the most important conditions for admission to Google Adsense, so before applying on your site, it is necessary to make sure that these conditions are met, while following the advice that was mentioned.

If you have a question or inquiry, I invite you to put a comment below and I will respond to you myself, God willing.

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