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How to earn money from Facebook Learn 10 different ways

  How do you profit from Facebook and make large sums of money? This is a question today, which I will answer in detail in order for dear reader to be able to profit from Facebook, and in this article I explained 10 different ideas that you can implement quite easily to exploit this wonderful social site and make money through it, so all you have to do is continue reading the topic with me for inspiration Ideas and initiation of implementation.

How to profit from Facebook
 How to profit from Facebook

How to profit from Facebook

At the beginning of the emergence of Facebook, the idea of ​​profit through it was an experimenter term, but with the passage of years many features and services were added that allow the user to profit from Facebook, either directly to reap profits from the management of Facebook itself, or indirectly to exploit the existing audience and profit from it, as I will explain.

In the next paragraphs, you will learn with me  how to profit from Facebook  through distinct strategies and methods, all you have to do is read and choose the appropriate field and then start implementing to make money.

Facebook represents a very wonderful opportunity for marketing, as it is the third largest site in the world and there are about 1.66 billion people entering this site on a daily basis.

Therefore, Facebook is a great profit opportunity and a distinctive way of marketing and making advertisements, and the Facebook administration has greatly expanded its services and profit opportunities in recent years.

How to profit directly from Facebook 

1. Profit with videos

You can make a profit from Facebook by making a page and uploading the videos to it with a subscription to the Ad breaks program, and thus you can make money through these ads by sharing with Facebook.

In order to achieve profits and place ads on the page, you must fulfill the conditions for profit from Facebook, which are as follows:

  • Have a Facebook page of 10,000 followers.
  • To be in a country where profit is available through videos, and the Facebook administration has promised to add new countries, and it is worth doing that that there are some Arab countries in which this system is available and some of them are not available in it until now.
  • Videos of 3 minutes or more of which you get 30,000 views for at least a minute and so in the last 60 days before submitting the application.
  • Achieve your Facebook standards in the videos you can monetize.

These are the most important conditions for profit from Facebook, so with the implementation of these conditions you can activate your page and profit through ads.  

2. How to profit from Facebook through instant games

You can profit from Facebook by designing and programming instant games, as Facebook places advertisements for users of these games and thus you get profit from them.

3. How to profit from Facebook 2021 through applications

If you own an application that provides services to users, you can exploit it to profit from Facebook by subscribing to its advertising company, and thus ads are placed on it and profit from it.

4. Profit from online articles

The online article service  is a free service provided by the Facebook administration for users who suffer from poor internet, as the user or visitor, by clicking on the article link, opens directly in front of him, and it is worth noting that these articles are placed ads in them and thus you can profit if your page qualifies for profit in this field.

5. Profit from selling products

As we mentioned, Facebook has very great marketing power, as more than one billion users visit this site on a daily basis, so you can offer your products for sale and profit through it.

You can subscribe to one  of the affiliate systems or commission marketing and  make a profit through every sale you make.

This is the answer to the question of how to profit from Facebook directly, as we mentioned and explained how to profit from your Facebook page through articles, applications and games, as well as profit from Facebook videos 2021, and profit from Facebook through videos is a very special field that you can make a big profit From which.

How to profit from Facebook indirectly

The following are the most prominent ways to profit from Facebook indirectly:

  • Profit by making advertisements for others, where you can place ads for people and brands in exchange for an appropriate financial portion.
  • Profit from commission, where you can market and sell products and get a commission for every sale made through you.
  • Profit from marketing your skill, as you can market yourself through your page and get clients.
  • Profit by getting visitors to your own site, as you can get targeted visitors to your site and thus make a profit from these visits.
  • Managing third-party pages through Facebook, and this field is a source of profit for many, as you can work in managing one of the large pages and thus get a good monthly salary, and the management of pages is represented in writing attractive posts and responding to comments and customers.

These are the most important sources of profit from Facebook, and someone may ask how do you make money from Facebook 100 dollars a day or more? The answer is very simple and is to work and continue in one of the areas that we have mentioned, as profit from the Internet does not come without effort, but rather comes after fatigue and diligence, so do not continue to waste time and start from now.