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18 services you can sell on Facebook and win big sums of money

  There are many services that you can sell to your friends through Facebook and make money through it, and we talked in a previous topic about this strategy and how to sell services and market them through Facebook, and today we continue talking with you about the most important small services that you can offer and sell to friends and clients and make money Of which.  

Services that you can sell to your friends on Facebook and make money through it
Services that you can sell to your friends on Facebook and make money through it

18 services you can sell on Facebook

I think this article will benefit many readers, as it can be the way and the beginning to profit from the Internet and make money, as I will explain small and simple services that may be a reason for making money and achieving a dream.

Of course, there are many areas of profit from the Internet, and on this site I explain all areas, ideas and strategies, so you have to rely on the topics on the site in order to find what suits you and start the way to make money from the Internet and achieve what you dream about.

Photography service

You can sell this service and make good money from it, as there are many occasions such as birthdays, small parties, etc., so buy a professional camera if you think you are qualified and have the skill of photography.

Image editing service

Facebook can be used to sell image editing services using editing programs, and here the customers will send the pictures to you for you to make modifications to.

Editing and writing service

This service is one of the most requested services on the Internet in general and Facebook in particular, as there are many customers who want to reach people who are able to write on the Word program and provide professional work, so if you master this work and can write quickly, you can take advantage of that and profit. Money from the internet.

Translation service

It is also a good service, as there are many areas of translation, including legal translation and others, so if you are good at translation and can work in it, you should take advantage of that, but I advise you not to work in the field of medical translation as this may harm some patients.

Furniture and decoration organization and arrangement services

You can profit from selling services from Facebook by providing the service of organizing decoration and furniture in modern homes, and we often find those coming to marriage who need help in this regard.

Video editing service

There is a good number of video content makers who are looking for people to provide them with a professional montage service, so you have to learn how to montage using one of the professional programs and then provide the service.

Mobile beauty and hairdresser service

If you are skilled in makeup and makeup, you can publish your service on Facebook in order to attract clients, and in case any girl needs the service, she will contact you to get it.

Young child nursery service

If you are looking for a source of profit, you can provide nursery services, especially if you love them, and the nursery salaries are very rewarding and wonderful.

Dog and cat training service

You can take advantage of your skill in training dogs and cats and providing service through Facebook, and thus you get a financial profit in exchange for training dogs and cats to do some things such as entering the bathroom, playing with ball and other things.

Car rental service

If you own a car and do not use it a lot, you can rent it to people on some occasions, and thus get a profit for every hour you rent it.

Selling products through Facebook

You can create a new Facebook page and sell products through it, and you can also rely on funded ads in order to achieve large sales and thus greater profits.

Facebook page management service

If you have free time during the day, you can work in managing Facebook pages , as there are many business owners who do not find enough time to manage their pages, and so you can work in this area in order to respond to comments and other matters. 

The service of carrying out the tasks of others 

There are many people on Facebook who ask other people to do some tasks on their behalf, so you can use this matter to your advantage and make money from the Internet  through it.

Printing and design services

If you have experience in the field of design, you can develop this experience and skill and see the latest training courses in order to become a professional person in this field and thus provide this service for a fee.

Maintenance service for phones and home appliances

If you have experience in the maintenance of devices, you can create a page on Facebook and provide this service in order for the needy to request it for a fee, and you can also develop yourself in this work depending on the training courses available completely free of charge.

Providing elderly care service

There are a large number of elderly people who need home care for money, so you can offer help and at the same time get a good monthly salary for this work.

Education service

If you have experience in any field, then of course there are many people interested in learning this field, so you can market yourself and provide education service for a fee.

Cooking service

If you have free time and are proficient in the art of cooking and serving meals, you can provide this service to those in need via Facebook, and this idea is an excellent idea that was a source of great profit for many.

These are the most prominent and important 18 ideas and small services that you can offer on Facebook and earn money from the Internet through them, so read these services and look at them and then choose the service that you think you are able to implement professionally, then create a Facebook page to market yourself through it.