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YouTube earning, how this site works in general, and the sources of money it gets

Youtube earning is very large as this site is one of the big profit sites through which millions of dollars are made, whether profit from YouTube for content creators or YouTube's profit itself through advertisers, and I think you are wondering about the technology of this site’s work, the sources of profits it gets and how it is done Distribution, so if you want to enter the field of making money from YouTube, you must know well about all the details and basics that this site works on, and this is what I explain to you in detail through this topic.

YouTube earning
YouTube won

YouTube earing and how the site works

If you want to participate in the profit system from YouTube in detail, you must first get to know some important information that helps you understand all aspects and thus enter this field correctly and achieve a high YouTube earning.

Here, through the next paragraphs, you will learn with me how YouTube works, how to generate profits on it, and how to distribute it to content makers and workers on the site itself.

YouTube earning in Egypt is a source of livelihood for many content makers, as well as in all other Arab countries as well as foreign countries, many of which depend on this source of profit.

YouTube is the largest library in the world, which contains videos in various disciplines and departments, and it is the second largest social networking site among all countries of the world after the largest site Facebook.

YouTube provides many effective profit methods to users by displaying ads on their videos, after achieving the conditions for making money from YouTube 2020, which we talked about in detail in a special article on the site.

We mentioned in a special article on the site some statistics related to YouTube, and we answered the question of how much YouTube channels earn, the number of users for this site, and the number of content makers, and these statistics are evidence of the greatness and legacy of this site, so if you have content worth watching, you can exploit this content and earn money.

YouTube earning and how this site works

YouTube does not work on its own and does not make a profit without the participation of external parties, but rather depends on basic partners from others it will not be able to reach any success.

If you are a creator of the content on this site or aspire to do so, I would like to explain to you that you are one of the pillars and pillars of this profit system and without the content creators, YouTube will not be able to make any profits.

YouTube is the link and the system that preserves the rights of all parties and organizes everything that includes profit from YouTube with the creation of a YouTube earning account and its distribution among content creators.

YouTube depends on content creators to create videos and upload them to the site, so YouTube does not make the videos by itself, but rather depends on them, and thus the audience watches these videos.

YouTube contracts with advertisers who want to publish their brands through the site.

From here, ads are placed on the videos made by content creators, and thus YouTube earning is achieved through these ads, and part of the profit is given to the content owner and the other part to YouTube itself.

YouTube earning from views is represented in ads in terms of viewing or clicking on them, and there is a special system that explains how to calculate profit from YouTube in detail, which depends on many factors, as we explained in detail through a comprehensive article on the site.

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