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How to profit from YouTube through Google Adsense and the most important advice in this field

The way to profit from YouTube through Google Adsense is represented in some necessary points that must be implemented and taken care of, and profit from YouTube represents a very important aspect of profit from the Internet as many people have become dependent on this site as their source of livelihood, and the number of creators has increased The content has been extensive in recent years, which has led to the development of conditions for profit from YouTube so that people who are serious in this work are distinguished from others, come with me on this topic to talk to you about the method of profit from YouTube in detail based on Google AdSense, and I will also talk about the method of profit from YouTube without Adsense through a very cool idea.

How to profit from YouTube

How to profit from YouTube through Google Adsense

To be able to activate ads on YouTube and profit through these ads, you must go through several steps and stages that enable you to reach this goal that many are looking for.

In the beginning, you have to create a YouTube channel completely free of charge, then after that, you upload videos to it continuously, provided that these videos are completely exclusive, as there is no profit from YouTube without making videos because this site depends on the video.

Do not expect to profit from YouTube without uploading exclusive videos, as YouTube completely prohibits any channel that infringes on copyright and protects content creators from copying.

After continuing to upload videos to the channel and achieving the conditions for profit from YouTube, which is represented by a thousand subscribers on the channel and achieving 4000 hours of viewing in the last year, here you can follow the method of profit from YouTube through Google Adsense by submitting the channel for review and if it is accepted you can place ads On them and profit from them.

If you are wondering about how to calculate the profit from YouTube for every thousand views, I have written a comprehensive topic in which I am talking about this matter, so review it.

How to profit from YouTube through Google Adsense 2020

The method of profit from YouTube 2020 is available to everyone, as you can be among the creators of the content and benefit financially from your channel through video ads.

My experience in profit from the Internet in general and from YouTube, in particular, went through many obstacles and problems, due to my lack of knowledge of all aspects of profit and the problems that I may face and the full policies, so I advise you if you want to take the path of profit from the Internet, you must learn well at the beginning of the matter and get to know Completely to the area in which you work and in which you want to profit.

And here on our site, we provide you with all the information and details about the experience of many years and an experience with success and development, so always follow the new articles and do not forget to read the old topics on the site so that you can benefit and learn how to profit from YouTube through Google Adsense and double the money.