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How to make money from YouTube and important secrets that help you spread the video and reach millions of views

The method of making money from YouTube does not stop at creating a new YouTube channel and striving to achieve the conditions for profit from YouTube 2020 in order to place ads and profit from them, but rather it is necessary to pay attention to some other things that help you achieve a profit on YouTube and reach millions of views and subscribers, the answer is simply the content As it is the right way to excel in this field, so come with me through this article to talk to you about how to professionally create a video to generate search results and reach millions of views.

How to make money from YouTube

How to make money from YouTube and the factors that depend on the success of any video

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after the Google search engine that owns YouTube, and so we are talking about a great marketing power that advertisers are competing with in order to reach customers.

YouTube has about 50 million content makers, and about a billion users around the world, and a very large number of videos are uploaded every hour on a daily basis, so we are talking here about a suitable place for advertisements and branding so that millions of people can easily see and view them.

If you want to know how to make money from YouTube, you must learn how to make a professional and distinguished video that tops the search results.

There are very important factors that help in leading the search and the success of the video in reaching millions of views, so it is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

Video quality

I mean here the quality in terms of sound, image, content or information that is presented, as one of the most important reasons for the success of any video on YouTube is the time during which the viewer remains inside the video, and of course if the quality is poor in terms of sound or image, the viewer will be disturbed and leave, so it must be You are interested in uploading high-quality videos, and my experience in profit from YouTube has proven to me that quality is of a very great importance that cannot be underestimated.

Choose a catchy title for your video

As the title is extremely important for the viewer to click on the video and watch it, so make sure that the title is intriguing and contains questions, and you also have to choose an appropriate title in terms of the number of words in order to appear completely in the search.

Choose an attractive and intriguing thumbnail

The thumbnail represents an importance that goes beyond the importance of the title itself, you may not understand this information, but it is completely real, as you can do an experiment now to make sure of that, open YouTube and look at any video and note what is the thing that you will look at at the beginning that attracts your attention, you will find that Thumbnail.

Choose keywords suitable for the video 

If you want to make money from YouTube through Google Adsense, you must know very well what the keywords mean and what they represent of great importance for the success of the video and its access to views, as well as for YouTube profits. Also, profit from YouTube without Adsense through affiliate marketing also requires choosing appropriate keywords To reach the audience.

One of the most important steps of the YouTube profit method is to determine the appropriate keywords in terms of the number of times the monthly searches and advertisers' competition, as well as the size of the competition, and you must include these keywords in the title and description as well as in the tags.

Video tags

The method of profit from YouTube for beginners is represented in key points, including knowing how to choose the appropriate tags, and it is a very important step as it represents the words or phrases that the viewer searches in the YouTube search, so if you include the correct tags that viewers are searching, you will be able to appear on the page First. 

Post the video on social media and build a strong backlink

This step is one of the main steps that helps the video to spread and reach a large number of people, as social media sites represent a very large marketing force and through these sites you can get a very large audience.

Make a video ad

You can invest in some money by making a video advertisement through YouTube itself, or through Facebook, or many other advertising platforms.

The ads, although they consume some money, but sometimes they may help in the explosion of the video and its success in a very tremendous way and reach it to millions of views and thus YouTube's high profits.

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