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How to Make Money on YouTube Without Adsense Through Easy Implementation Ideas

How to make money from YouTube without the need for Adsense, are you looking for it? I think you are a bit tired of the new YouTube terms and laws 2020 and you may find it difficult to achieve these conditions in order to activate the profit from YouTube, so through this topic I explain to you very wonderful ideas that you can exploit in profit from YouTube and achieve huge sums of money without the need to subscribe In Google Adsense.

How to make money from YouTube
How to make money from YouTube

How to make money from YouTube without Adsense

YouTube is a large marketing platform and it is the second largest site and search engines in the world after the Google search engine, so it is of great importance and is used by millions of people around the world, and we have mentioned comprehensive statistics in a separate article on the site about the number of content makers and users as well as the number of videos that are downloaded in each hour.

Of course, you know that there are conditions for profit from YouTube 2020, which are summarized in following the policies, as well as achieving a thousand subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months, and many may feel difficult to achieve such conditions.

So here I came to you with unique ideas about how to make money from YouTube and exploit this site without Adsense at all.

There are many direct and indirect ways to profit from YouTube without AdSense, and the following are these ideas that you can implement with ease.

Profit from YouTube by selling products

You can use YouTube to sell your products and make a profit through it, as you can sell any product that brings you money, whether it is your own creation or you bought it from a specific place and offered it for sale at a higher price.

You can sell accessories, T-shirts, various clothes, devices, etc., and you can also profit from affiliate marketing or commission marketing, and we have talked in a comprehensive article about how to use YouTube in that and make a very large material profit .

There are a very large number of sites and companies that provide CPA offers or allow users to profit from affiliate marketing, where you can take advantage of your YouTube channel and offer the product or service to viewers, and get a percentage of the profit on each sale that is made through your link.

Profit from YouTube by selling services

You can use your YouTube channel to sell a lot of services for an appropriate fee, such as selling training courses and services that you can do, such as editing photos and montage, as well as the services of Khamsat or any freelance site, and many others.

How to earn money from YouTube by bringing visitors to your site

You can use your YouTube channel to get visitors to your site and thus you can enlarge the site and get visits and thus get appropriate profits, and owning a site with a YouTube channel is a great thing to transport visitors from both sides and benefit from them at the same time. 

You can create a video that explains the idea of ​​your site and explains the services you provide on the site, and make sure that the video is attractive so that the viewer feels the desire to enter the site.

Profit from YouTube through branding

If you have a large YouTube channel with a large number of subscribers and viewers, you can take advantage of that and create branded advertising campaigns for a very wonderful fee.

The topic is very similar to ads, as you refer to a specific brand in your video and on your channel, and thus the owner of this trademark benefits in fame and publishing, so you are paid in return for a material suitable for the size of your channel.

You can now communicate with brands and offer them a promotional video for a fee.

This is a comprehensive explanation that shows you how to make money from YouTube without Adsense or ads through very simple methods.

You can follow many topics on your way with us to profit, through which I explain to you everything related to the field of profit from the Internet as well as profit from YouTube, in terms of how to receive money from YouTube, how to calculate YouTube profits, and how YouTube sends money if you subscribe to Google Adsense And many other topics that we cover with you.

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