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information about youtube and statistics may surprise you

 YouTube is one of the largest global sites used by millions of people from different countries of the world, as it is a very powerful force that in about 15 years was able to reach second place among all search engines, after the search engine Google, and through this site you can watch millions Or billions of videos in various fields and commenting on them, as you can profit from YouTube by creating a YouTube channel completely free of charge and uploading videos to it as we have explained in many articles in the site, come with me through this topic to show you information about youtube and statistics may surprise you.

information about youtube
information about youtube

information about youtube and statistics

We are talking here about the second largest sites and search engines on the Internet, which is YouTube, which is a very large marketing force and a very distinct social means through which it is possible to see different cultures everywhere in the world.

You can make money from YouTube as one of the creators of content by creating a new channel on YouTube and profit from it, and you can use this site to watch millions of videos in various fields that you are interested in.

This large entity was created in 2005, and then Google bought this site with a very large amount of $ 1.65 billion in 2006.

YouTube has great marketing power and has a large number of visitors and surfers on the Internet, as it attracts about a third of users and the number of users is about 2 billion every month.

YouTube achieves a large annual profit of up to $ 13 billion through the ads that are placed on the content of the channel owners, as the profit from these ads is for the content owner and YouTube management in a certain percentage.

information about youtube

The number of users and visitors to this site is about 30 million visitors per month, and the number of content makers is about 50 million content makers from different countries of the world who provide videos in various scientific and entertainment fields.

About 5 billion videos are viewed daily on YouTube from various countries of the world, and there are a large number of channels with more than one million subscribers, which are about 1500 channels.

This site tracks both males and females, but of course there is a difference in interests between the sexes as males prefer to watch football matches and females prefer to watch cooking and personal care videos of various kinds.

These are the most important information about youtube in terms of the history of its inception and the great success that this site has reached, as well as statistics related to the large channels and their number, as well as the number of users, viewers and content makers.

You can now profit from YouTube and join this entity in order to become one of the content makers, and here through our website we provide you with many articles that provide you with full details about profit methods and content creation.

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