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YouTube earnings and how to profit through video sites and use them to get visits to your site

Do you own a website and looking to get traffic to your site but don't know effective methods? Do not worry, here we provide you with one of the best methods that have proven great effectiveness, where you can get a very large number of visits daily through it and for free.

This method is to exploit video sites, as there are many video sites on the Internet that are a treasure for you to get a large number of visits.

Therefore, the earnings of YouTube or other video sites are not limited to ads only, but you can exploit them in many things.

YouTube earnings

How to make money from the Internet through the most famous video sites

Video sites have become very popular, as they have topped the search engines in recent years, and so you can use them to achieve large financial profits with ease, and here in this article, we show you the easy way to achieve this.

One of the most popular sites, which is the best video site now, is YouTube, which is a source of livelihood for many content creators.

In general, YouTube 2020 profits are very good, and YouTube profits in Egypt may not be like foreign countries, but they are good.

Many people are now turning to cpa offers through popular video sites.

You can upload videos that contain things that visitors are searching for, such as books, ringtones, etc., and market CPA offers through these videos.

Where it is mentioned in the video, to get the book or thing the user is looking for, click on the link that directs the visitor to view CPA.

An easy strategy to make money from video sites

Video sites are not limited to YouTube only, as there are video sites other than YouTube that you can rely on, and here we explain to you an easy strategy that you can use to make money from the Internet through these sites.

As the earnings of YouTube are high and do not depend on ads and Google Adsense only, there are many other profit methods.

In the beginning, you have to select a specific topic that a large number of people are looking for, such as providing a book, game or program for free.

Get the material you are talking about, whether it is the book or others, and then make a video explaining how to benefit from this material.

At the end of the video, as well as in the description, put the CPA link or your website link and tell the audience that the download link is at the bottom while encouraging them to enter by providing a lot of things that they care about.

For example, you can say in this link you will find many free books.

After performing the previous steps in the video sites here, you can get visits to your site or your CPA link and thus achieve distinct profits.

Do not forget to pay attention to the description of the video, as well as the keywords, title and keywords to get the largest number of views, and make sure the title is attractive.

YouTube profits and the most famous video sites

There is no doubt that you are wondering about YouTube's monthly earnings and its amount, and the profits of the famous YouTuber, and here I can show you that this great site is a source of livelihood for many people.

Where a lot of profits and money can be achieved through it, and we have explained a lot of articles related to making money from YouTube, check them out in order to benefit from them and start creating your channel and make money from it.

YouTube is a very special video site, but there are many other sites that are as follows: